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Friday, 16 October 2015


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They'll have to bring Stalin back from the dead and ensconced in No. 10 before I'll emigrate to Australia. (shudders)

David, McDonnell had no choice but to change his mind he could not be seen to go along with Tory policy. His fellow lefties would have lynched him.

Aye, aye, Admiral, I know what you mean!

The man's a twerp, Jimmy, and it's time you rethought your political allegiance given that it is only a matter of time before Labour splits!

Not for me to change David. Labour has this scenario every now and then. Common sense will prevail. However they can always boot me out.

And just what makes you think we'd have you lot? We do have standards to keep in Oz.

Well, looking about this 'septic Isle' on a Friday or Saturday night, AussieD, and I can see what you mean!

David, how right you are. Martians arrive at Glasgow Central Rail Stn taxi rank 0030 hrs.
Martians encounter fist fights and half naked women on their knees vomiting. Martians return home.

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