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Monday, 05 October 2015


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Maybe, but they were quick learners: -


Interesting diagrams: -

So even in 1944, with their cities being strategically flattened with 1,000 bomber raids, the Jerries knocked out 15,000 top quality AFV's. Maybe precisely because production was distributed, rather than mass produced in large concentrated locations that would have made the output vulnerable to carpet bombing, was why they managed to increase production until their territory was taken by boots on the ground.

And good ol' Blighty only managed 20,000 throughout the whole war.


Your blog makes out that England was a bed of roses with cars everywhere.
I was bornb in 1935 and remember going without. There was a depression. For many the first job they got was when called up for the army.
Malnutrion was rife. Hence the distribution of cod liver oil and orange jiuce cordial during the war.
And what did you think of the bren gun carrier as a fighting vehicle. Etc.

john malpas. I got the cod liver oil and orange juice during the fifties. Now we have obesity and the related diseases.
A car was an unusual sight in my street. I live in a so called former working class housing estate where many have purchased their house or their parents did from the council. Three car families are now common with extensions built on the houses. We should remember the past but do not deny the youngsters their aspirations. In any case they will not listen but just move on with their lives.


Reminds me of the old saying: "Professionals think logistics, amateurs think tactics." Hitler was very amateurish.


When I was in the Army in Germany, our battalion commander pointed at the Bundswher trucks with there very high suspension systems compared to American Trucks and asked: "What did the Germans learn in the last war, not to invade Russia or make trucks that won't get stuck in the Russian mud?"

There was also the small matter that the Germans had totally failed to plan for the fact that the Russian railway gauge was different from theirs. Tactically, the Germans were supreme; logistically, they were a disaster.

The tank production diagram is fascinating - thanks, SoD. However, it is a mistake, I think to concentrate on tank production because tanks are useless without a fleet of trucks to support them - and that is precisely what the Germans lacked.

By the way, dear commenters, I don't wish to over-state the notion, it's just that I was slightly taken aback by the lack of logistical preparedness by the Germans in WWII. We were dumb, they were dumber!

The Germans fought the war with limited resources. The kind of vehicle production that might have made a difference would have required a level of investment that would have diverted resources away from other areas - and those (e.g. aircraft production, munitions) had higher priority. Who's to say that they got their priorities wrong? They simply could not win a war of attrition, once the Allies had decided to fight to the bitter end.

Hitler was a fan of craftsmen and disdained mass production. That coloured the Nazi approach to war production. Ironic when you consider the points where Nazi thought converged with Henry Ford. Ironic too when compared to the Russian mass production of comparatively simple weapons like the T34. Nazi's also thought women should not work and that drove the push to use slave labour.

Amazing that they held out for all those years!

H, a Russian division would usually field two types of vehicle, the Dodge Truck and the T34 Tank. This meant that with only two sets of spare parts to worry about maintaining them was straightforward and logistically simple. In contrast, a German Division would probably have at least a dozen different types of vehicle in its ORBAT and every type or vehicle would require its own set of spares. This represented a logistical nightmare which was further exacerbated by Hitler's mania for having new and exotic bits of kit designed and accepted into service.

Richard, I don't dispute your point - the Germans certainly could have rationalised more and earlier than they did. But in the case of commercial vehicles, I doubt that they could have overcome the problems of industry fragmentation and small scale EXCEPT by making an investment which would have been at the expense of other important industries. In addition, given that the Germans could not have outproduced the Allies, it perhaps made more sense for them to be more innovative in their choice of equipment, albeit this exacerbated their production problems (it would have been suicide had they (for example) focused on the mass production of the PzIII). In one area where they did concentrate on mass production - aircraft - the end result was a mass of Bf 109 "Gustav" fighters which amounted to death traps for their undertrained pilots, having failed to keep technical pace with the Allies. In short, damned if they did, damned if they didn't. Fortunately.

H, The truth of the matter is that on the 11th of December 1941, when Hitler declared war on America, defeat for the Germans became certain. With America, Russia and the British Empire stacked up against them, they just didn't have the industrial capacity or the manpower to stave off the inevitable. If they had managed to standardise their production it might have prolonged the struggle a bit, but the end result would have remained exactly the same. Truly, the 11th of December '41 marked the real turning point of the war.

And now they have a great car industry ( actuallu i prefer ange rovers). While the rest of the world has moved on to the intercwebs and so on...almost the only people who care about car production is people like corbyn.

In reality, the germans, bless'em have only ever managed to copy the anglos a decade or so behind, we invnted steam engines they try to dominateeurope with them, we invent the dread pnought, they try to build as many, w invent the tank, they use them attack russia, again. We have a fantastic empire, they want one too. The americans get one, the krauts invent the eu.

The yanks invent sat nav. The ktrauts and the fucking frogs, who arent much better, have to make their own.

The one thing you can guarantee is that once he world has moved on, the jerries will have a super super amazon-like thing and a deutschernet.

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