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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


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So I am informed.

It's actually pretty simple David and can be put in an export/import modal - really simply

Damned duplicitous Saudi Arabia's Regime!


But our "Betters" will never have that.

Too simple

And "Our ... your's Lockheed and your's ... and our's BAE Systems circle down the toilet."


Why in the heck you UK guys (voters) cannot seem to recognize Turkey (more duplicitous if its possible!) ... I cannot know.

Maybe Angela is blow-jobbing David ... eh, Cameron or ... Cameron's lent Russell Brand to Merkel.

All I'd daresay is, SoD's got somebody['s] by the ear[s]!


And I don't think it's "soft-ware"!

JK, see my 'ADDITIONAL' above!

"Busy schedule" have you there David?

Coon't spent a little more time off the second-hand cars lot keeping your kid to the minimums?

Yes, the plethora of other targets around Jihadi John is interesting, isn't it? ISIS HQ is a no-brainer, but perhaps Uncle Sam is waiting until a few more VIPs turn up. The mosque might cause a bit of a shindig across the Islamic world - lots of innocent co-religionists incinerated whilst praying. It would be a complete mistake to hit the Islamic Court, though. That's where they take the good people to try them for being normal.

& Back into the archives for a little "fond reminiscence" of what David's reckoned given our excellent training precedents to be:

"Afghanistan: Special Comment. Longtime Readers know that NightWatch has had a continuing project to monitor the security situation in Afghanistan since mid-2006, using a consistent sample of unclassified reporting. In 2006, when the Taliban resurgence was just beginning, NightWatch began publishing monthly summaries of the security situation."

"The analysis continues, but the reports since November show no significant Afghan army involvement in combat operations. The May reports contained a single operation that clearly was Afghan army initiated. Afghan soldiers accompany NATO forces on operations, but seldom take casualties except from careless driving."

Maybe we should assume that the building labelled "ISIS Main HQ" isn't ISIS Main HQ. As people watched the smoke of Jihad John drift away, they must have wondered what they were up against.

Meantime a predawn raid today by French police kills two more terrorists and captures several more. While our western leaders try not to figure out a way to destroy ISIL in the Middle East their operatives, with the aid of clueless western elites and their doubled down "virtue signaling" to each other, manage to wreak murder and fear on civilians who seem more fearful of a "right wing" government coming to power in their next respective elections. It seems we in the west don't mind building the comforts and virtues of our Western civilization for our betterment, but will deny ourselves the right to defend our civilization from internal threats as much as external ones. PC and "virtue signaling" will be the means Islam uses to overtake us unless our populations wake up.

I wonder when the term "acceptable casualties" turns into unacceptable casualties for our political masters? Despite the hand wringing, protestations and promises of retribution, I do not beleive they are there yet. As had been mentioned above and in other blogs and publications, a concerted effort by the countries which have had its citizens murdered, could demolish the ISIS heartland. However, the problem does not end there. Thanks to the EU sponsored lefty-liberals, the enemy is no longer at the gates of Vienna, but has been allowed inside. Apart from tribal rivalries and hatred in the Middle East which allows each group to do their part in giving support to ISIS, either actively or passively, there is the fear of what will rise in its place? The various factions of Islam are unable to live harmoniously, a bit like the Catholics and Protestants in England a couple of hundred years ago, and Northern Ireland today, and until they do, there will always be an extremist faction somewhere in that sh*thole. Can someone please invent cold fusion so we can tell these paedophile praising savages they can bugger off and take their oil with them?

If ISIL is destroyed, we all end up worse off: -

- The West
- Saudi, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan
- Iran
- Iraq
- The Kurds
- Turkey
- The Rooskies
- Israel

And last, but not least: -

- You and me

And so long as that remains the case, politicians will huff and puff but take no real action.

The price of a few hundred revellers is not enough to outweigh the benefit of ISIL to all of the above.

Meet our new petro-state neighbour. And get used to him.


Whitewall. Nigel Farage has commented on Saudi Arabia and that they have not taken in any refugees inspite of their vast wealth but are going to fund 40 mosques in Germany. This was said on Monday and all has gone quiet. No comments at all in the media.
I read once that Kissinger threatened the Saudis with invasion because of the oil hike early seventies. Pity he did not follow this through. Saudi is playing a duplicitous game. We need the oil and they know that and also exporting terrorism via the mosque.

David. The IS are not stupid and will have alternative command posts etc. My view is they should be hit constantly and degrade them, do not let them sleep. Surround them, nothing gets in and nothing gets out. Starve them until the rats are eating rats. Then move in the ground forces and end it. Like Caen we do not want the rubble to be their advantage so take it slowly.... Drop in some bacon sandwiches as a humanitarian gesture.

Jimmy, from Bernard Lewis...
"The world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb. The Dar al-Islam is all those lands in which a Muslim government rules and the Holy Law of Islam prevails. Non-Muslims may live there on Muslim sufferance. The outside world, which has not yet been subjugated, is called the "House of War," and strictly speaking a perpetual state of jihad, of holy war, is imposed by the law. The law also provided that the jihad might be interrupted by truces as and when appropriate. In fact, the periods of peace and war were not vastly different from those which existed between the Christian states of Europe for most of European history.

The law thus divides unbelievers theologically into those who have a book and profess what Islam recognizes as a divine religion and those who do not; politically into dhimmis, those who have accepted the supremacy of the Muslim state and the primacy of the Muslims, and harbis, the denizens of the Dar al-harb, the House of War, who remain outside the Islamic frontier, and with whom therefore there is in principle, a canonically obligatory perpetual state of war until the whole world is either converted or subjugated."

Some articles have appeared in the last few days saying the targeting of ISIL's oil infrastructure by the US has begun, particularly the targeting of the 100's of privately owned oil tankers that queue up for months at a time at the refineries: -

So mindful of civilian casualties were the USAF that they dropped leaflets first to give the oil tanker drivers a chance.

I wonder how sustained this will be? Or is it just a message to ISIL: "Keep it local boys, or we'll finish you off, and we know how to now" (that special forces raid a month or so back garnered details of all of ISIL's oil facilities ).

So we know for sure that the US knows exactly where the oil infrastructure is that if destroyed would finish off ISIL. Therefore if it doesn't do it, it's because it doesn't want to do it.

Meanwhile, Hollande, "bravest of the brave", sabre in hand, destrier at full gallop, charges up the wrong valley attacking ISIL's military only targets. Or maybe that's just a distraction to keep "les peuples" happy but leaves ISIL in place?

The plot sickens.


The new campaign has even got a name! Good ol' yanks, it sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster: Tidal Wave II: The Empire Strikes Back.

(No it doesn't have the Empire Strikes Back bit, ~ I made that bit up :-) ). But it's named after the campaign in World War II that targeted the oil fields in Rumania under control of the Jerries: -

A stronger message you couldn't hope to convey when the metadata and the data itself both say the same thing: "Boys, keep it local, please".

Bait and Bleed it is then.

I could be wrong, it'll be fascinating and very indicative as to the motivations of the powers if it turns out to be a tsunami or a ripple.

Ripple - I get to say I told you so.

Tsunami - I eat humble pie.

And also of course, how ISIL responds. If we don't have another attack before Spring 2016 they might have got the message.


Regretfully, SoD, I'm not convinced as to the grip of the ISIS command and control. What they decide in some desert toilet in Syria may not be accepted by hot-headed loonies living in tenements in various European cities. Fingers crossed!

Aside from the "odd lone wolf", their command and control seems quite efficient. It even extends to rules of engagement for women: They are only allowed to blow themselves up if personally attacked.

This was faithfully observed in the coordinated attack, no female suicide bombers having been used, and the female bomber yesterday was within rights because she was under personal attack: -

Rules and regs harking back to first precedents; One can see a certain "common law" centricity about it :-p !

So the puppet mastery from Syria seems quite in control of the foot soldiery, imho, the odd "lone wolf" aside, as you say.


Having just discovered your blog I am obviously adrift in replying to this particular post.

If I may… The 'juicy targets’ depicted within the image are far too precious to the digital (and visual) intelligence gatherers residing within the ‘doughnut’ of dear Old Blighty. The enriched target area may well remain standing long after the Caliphate is wiped off the face of the earth. As it stands, those operating within the ’square' provide a digital link to the main players and their secondary networks further along the line. Sophisticated eavesdropping on dormant digital systems throughout the Caliphate (and far beyond) provides layers of intelligence that forms part of the active gathering cycle.

Sadly, many European countries cannot be trusted with ‘hot int’ which is a headache for those operating within NATO. American Intelligence (an oxymoron) was once regarded as the best in the world (by themselves) until the Buffoon in Chief was elected. Thank Gawd for the English Channel...

Yours Aye.

Ayes On Ex.

Fare well

Welcome to D&N, 'ex-Bootneck', even if this is an ex-Para blog! And of course, you touch on one of the problems with intelligence, particularly if it is good intelligence, which is how and to whom do you distribute it? It might be secure when it's locked in the safe but not particularly useful.

In the meantime, I will pop down to Weymouth and pay obeisance to that valuable strip of water!

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