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Saturday, 14 November 2015


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So what about the Eastern Europeans who've come here and not even brought graft and unborn female murdering with them, in fact, who behave in more respectful, hard-working, enlightened ways than the home grown Brits, that you and your VL cronies want to stop coming here, and, in Ukipper extremes, even boot out?


Calm down, dear, I have never raised any complaints about Eastern, or Western European come to that, immigration. Apart from anything else, the ladies always appear to be exceedingly, er, 'hot' - I think that's the right expression! - so what's not to like?

Oh, the Hindus left in India don't get along with the Muslims either.

Congratulations for this post, David. I wrote at PM's you're not as bad as you let on over there.

You haven't seen David outside wearing his black eye patch and "do rag".

Once again this blog, or to be precise, its commentariat, provides an education. Apart from 'Whiters', who knew what a "do rag" was? Not me - but now I do and I might invest in one!

But do I detect slight mellowing of the Billy No Mates approach?

You're up for a Schengen agreement with the Hindus only from the Indian subcontinent then?

That'll go down like a shit sandwich when you open your mouth and blurt that one out at your first meeting of the VL brothers!

In fact, can I be there please when you stand up and make your inaugural speech with that as the first sentence?: "Hello, VL Comrades, my solution to the problems of Britain is a Schengen agreement with the Hindu peoples of the Indian subcontinent".

You'll be back in the Popular Front where you were and belong before you can say Ukip!


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