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Saturday, 14 November 2015


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David, a fine post here. I imagine things in Germany are a bit tense today and may become more so very soon. I don't know if all the Euro Zone nations have unarmed civilian populations but I bet the Islamists know. A nation's authorities will have a terrible time protecting their people even with the best possible domestic policies in place. The cops can't be everywhere.

Yes, an interesting post at The American Thinker today pointing out that in Europe we totally lack the means to defend ourselves in the sort of situation in which those Parisians found themselves last night.

"At one end, we simply retire to our Island citadel, stop bombing in Iraq, withdraw from the EU, deploy troops to guard our ports and make people smuggling an offence liable to life imprisonment."
Add on some serious selective deportation, and you've got a fine raft of policies there, DD. Of course, we will probably get ineffective half-measures from Dave, shaped by whoever his last conversation was with.

Latest reports are that one of the Paris murderers was a recent "Syrian refugee". Apparently, a Syrian passport commands a good price among the northern-migrating masses. I wonder why?

Afterthought, on the above topic of European civilians not being able to defend themselves. There is of course the knife-based "mini-intifada" going on in Israel at the moment. Terrible scenes, but they don't get very far and there are limited casualties. I lived in Israel for a year back in the early 1980s, and remember talking to an eyewitness to a similar attack; an Arab lobbed a grenade onto a bus and killed an elderly woman. Apparently he was shot by several bystanders and was probably dead before the grenade went off. An impressive display of citizen self-defence, but probably could only happen in Israel. If Brits had guns they would rather kill each other over drug deals and imagined slights in the queue at Asda.

Two thousand refugees from Syria will arrive in Glasgow next week. We are not told if it will be Christians or Muslims or both. We have not been told what the vetting arrangements were if any. We could be letting in Sunni's....

Well, for God's sake, Jimmy, make sure you have separate tartans for the Christians and the Sunnis so you can tell the difference!

There are boasts today that "only one" nasty type got through the checkpoints.
Who believes that?


I like the tartan idea. Why not make all migrants wear the local costume. Down on the Zumerset/Dorset border they'd have to wear lots of jingley bells and things.

Pyjamas under the Sunni kilt David.

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