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Friday, 13 November 2015


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So many pugnacious, aggressive top brass around in Blighty these days, not to mention pugnacious, aggressive lefties. Top brass mentality rather suits lefty-ism, top down authority, control, and all that. Once the armed forces are "right-on" and singing from the same song sheet, the left will embrace them warmly, and vice versa.

You sure you want to be on your own with this lot?


If Osborne goes ahead and shakes out 25-40% of the public sector and senior armed forces, Blighty is going to have a lot of deeply unpleasant, authoritarian, bossy-booted killers hanging around with not a lot to do.

Much better to be in a framework of high standards of human rights, 'elf and safety, etc. when bossy-boots and killers start looking for jobs in politics.


What? You mean I may have to rely on the German army to protect my liberties? I worry about you sometimes, SoD!

David, we lost our human right to live free from terrorists when we joined the EU. Fuckin lawyers making a fortune defending scumbags.
I think I mentioned some time ago Jarvis was the man for Labour.

Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?
Or to put it another way ..... who's up who and who's paying the rent?


Not exactly on your major point.

The Wikipedia article said

Daniel Owen Woolgar Jarvis MBE attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as an officer cadet. On 9 August 1997, he was given a short service commission into the Parachute Regiment as a second lieutenant with seniority from 9 July 1994. On the same day he was promoted to lieutenant with seniority from 9 July 1996.

He was commissioned out of Sandhurst with 3 years credit for time in service and a year time in grade. Is this normal, or did our budding MP have a political sponsor even that far back?

Hank. Wilkipedia Is open to allsorts of opinion and comments.

Hank, it's no good asking an ex-Corporal (even if I was substantive, mind!) about the ins and outs of Sandhurst officers. However, I believe their course lasts three years so presumably that time goes towards their seniority.

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