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Sunday, 29 November 2015


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David, we all hold your drivel in high regard, drunken or otherwise. Enjoy your lunch social.

Can you tell me what is the current pension age in Britain? Here it is technically 65 but with some allowances at age 62.

The Conservatives would rather have Labour hold the seat than UKIP win it. It seems the Conservatives are rather fond of having Jezza around and those who want to see Labour's political oblivion could not disagree with that. A loss there may be the first step in allowing the PLP to get rid of him. Who would replace him another tosser of course but one not so obviously so to the public. As we know by the fact that they keep voting Labour into office,

Up until last week it was 65, Whiters, but when little Georgie gave new pensioners his hand out he raised the qualifying age to 69! The good Lord, and crafty politicians, both giveth and taketh away!

I take your point, Antis, and indeed part of me would like Labour to remain unelectable but ... but ... our democracy does need a functioning opposition.

It's absolutely in the Tories best interests to help UKIP win in Oldham since, although an attempt to oust Jezza would certainly occur, the labour in-fighting that ensued would damage the party at least as much as the Corbyn leadership and perhaps split it forever.

Of course the Tories hate UKIP more than they hate the Blairite wing of the Labour party so they certainly won't try and help Nigel and his chaps.

Well, maybe the *political* Tories might hate UKIP but I don't think ordinary Tory voters do.

Andy Murray really does a most alarming mouth, doesn't he?
Well, you've won the Davis Cup and good luck to you but he's still a

Of all international sporting tournaments I think I can say that the Davis Cup is the least recognised - even with Mr. MacShouty taking part!

"anyone reaching pension age from now on will receive £155.65 a week"

Not so, D, there are so many exceptions, conditions, prohibitions, hedgings, weasel words, so much small print, and (for all I know) encyclicals about and around that number, that I think it's fair to say hardly anyone will actually get that.

Unfortunately even the infamous DSS itself cannot tell anyone how much they will actually get, so arcane and complex has the business become.

It's a typical case of The State is not your friend, in fact.

Oh no, Andrew, don't tell me Georgie was fibbing!

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