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Saturday, 14 November 2015


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O.M.G. Say it ain't so.

The brightest Liberty light at the end of my tyranny tunnel just went out.

It's like the moment when Darth Vader takes his helmet off to reveal he was Luke's father after all - only in reverse.

The Gaffer's just pealed his face off, CGI stylee, to reveal he was Goebbels after all.

D&N, beacon of free speech, is now a propaganda broadcaster.

Woe is me and I am woe.


The followers of the Frankfurt School of Thought must be laughing their socks off as their plan is falling nicely into place. Just consider how many of those proposals are now enshrined in law or accepted by society in general? So much so that the few politicians with balls enough to do something about it are hamstrung by their quisling colleagues. If I looked on eBay I wonder if I could find some old lampposts and a shed load of piano wire? Failing that, 30 barrels of gunpowder and a man with a match!

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