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Sunday, 01 November 2015


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"taking back control of our own immigration policy is the one absolute and key desire on the part of the majority of the British people"

Interesting, is it not, that Farage and UKIP recognised this a couple of years ago. Unlike the North Gang and their friends, Farage has recognised that what we need is a populist leader and campaign. We can worry about the intricate details once we are out.

Well, BOE, it will be interesting to see how much of an inroad the 'Kippers' can make on the Labour vote 'oooooop north'! If it is sufficiently large, it might just get the 'Corbynistas' to swing the Labour party into the OUT camp.

Boe - in order to get out we need to worry about the ntricate details. This is necessary in order to create an attractive and convincing out narrative otherwise the gbp will vote to stay in.

Well, Cuffleyburgers, you and I, and Mr Duff, might need to worry about the intricate details. But the average voter just needs to be worried about the Muslim tide heading towards us. Every picture of a bunch of Arabs annoying the Germans will help.

"Well, BOE, it will be interesting to see how much of an inroad the 'Kippers' can make on the Labour vote 'oooooop north'! If it is sufficiently large, it might just get the 'Corbynistas' to swing the Labour party into the OUT camp."

I agree.

Even with two E grades at A level, Corbyn will work out that the EU under the Kaiserin's stewardship is no place for a hard lefty to be. The hard left across Europe have been screaming "Neo-liberal scum" at the EU since the Jerries' Thatcherite austerity and reform era started.

Corbyn will have worked out that getting Blighty back on its own, with Blighty's intrinsic left-centric politics, tax, borrow, and print economics, and absence of any fettering constitution, will set the clock back to 1974.

Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by Thatcherism and the EU, he and the Dave Spart fraternity will say.

And Ukip would be an ideal partner in crime: A socialist, pro-statist membership and voter base, loving of the NHS and believing in planning, border controls, tariffs, anti-globalisation, nice; and with all the nationalist, racist, xenophobic tendencies externalised from the left, leaving the labour party pure and freshly laundered of such poison. If the hard left can cosy up to radical Islam, it'll have no problem with the nationalistic socialism of Ukip.

And when the coalition from hell: Corbyn's labour, the Scots Natsies, and Ukippers succeed in bankrupting and disintegrating Blighty, all three will be equally happy with the outcome: An excuse to enact "special powers" and carve up Blighty into a number of those delightful Waka Pollackian small state utopias.


Lawrence, back to reality now. Scottish Labour want to ban the bomb now joining the Nat sis. So it is really up to England now to remove the deterrent South and as quickly as possible. The sooner the better. Scottish Nat sis and lefties actually think humans are a nice species. What happened yesterday is beyond their thinking capabilities. Duh! Did Herman actually fire V1 and V2 at Britain. Duh! Did Das Boot sink all those ships in the Atlantic to starve our ancestors. NAW didnae happen just propoganda. Would Adolf if his lot had inve nted the bomb first actually use it. Nah of course not he was a nice kind of fellow.

Back from the Planet Zog I see Lawrence.

SoD is right about UKIP. A populist statist party with no interest in free markets or the nuts and bolts of sound economic policy and he is right again that they will go together with Corbyn's labour like a horse and carriage.

I joined the party briefly when it was still apparently broadly libertarian and anti-EU party but I'm afraid I lost interest as it became clear that they were becoming what they are now.

The likes of UKIP are likely to do more to lose us the referendum than to win it

Lawrence, you will leave my house instantly and never darken my doorstep again, er, well, after you've fixed Mum's laptop, that is!

We have been discussing the merits and demerits of EU membership for 50 years or more. I would guess that the electorate are both well-informed and confused. They are likely to vote to stay in, as they did in 1975. However, recently things have changed. The Dumpy One has invited millions of people from the Planet Zog to move into our front room. They are often unpleasant people who don't use toilet paper.

So, if the aim is to leave the EU, then hype up the migrant problem and frighten the voters to vote leave. Otherwise, no matter how well-argued and densely researched the arguments are, we stay in.

I think Farage's biggest mistake was to un-resign himself and to resume his position as leader of UKIP. Surely, this put a massive dent in his credibility. UKIP would surely be doing much better now if Douglas Carswell was leading them. This is purely my opinion and is not a statement for or against their policies by the way...

Feel free to disagree, particularly as my political predictions almost always end up wrong!

Cuffers - I can totally relate to your crossing and re-crossing the floor experience.

When a good friend of mine who was Ukip through-and-through piped up with the "It's the BNP in blazers" quip well before the BNP collapsed and the membership joined Ukip, I was surprised. I too thought it a libertarian party. Then I read the manifesto on the Ukip site (the one Nige took down in haste a few years back) and saw their true colours.

Now the libertarian element seems to be confined to Carswell, doing a very good impersonation of our dear friends the Popular Front of Judea.


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