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Tuesday, 15 December 2015


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We do too.

I think we all do Duffers.

By cleaving to their consititional values they greatest the greatest and most admired country in the world.

In abandoning them piecemeal but with ever increasing speed and under O'bama it really has been increasing speed, the man would be a laughing stock if it weren't so damned tragic.

Britain has been going down the tubes ever since 1945 (since 1914 really) so nobody really cares any more as there is very little left of what was truly exceptionally great; but with the USA the decline is much more recent and very sad.

Whereas after the British Empire the americans sort of took over as top nation, which is fair enough they bought us with a few crappy old destroyers and a credit line; but they are still basically like us.

After America - OM-fucking-G? China? the UN?

THe prospect chills one to the core. But even the USA in my opinion is too far gone to recover properly. The rot is too deep into her institutions. And while the average american, although you wouldn't ever tell one to his face, is a pretty decent bloke, the people who take the big decisions are shits, even worse than the British government. In some respects less craven I'll admit, but in many, even more corrupt shameless, lazy and incompetent.

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