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Friday, 18 December 2015


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I agree - Anthony Watts deserves more recognition than any "professional" climate scientist. Even their temperature measurements are iffy and that tells you all you need to know about climate science.

I'm not surprised though. Public sector folk prefer office work and meetings to going out in all weathers to see if the monitoring station is still working. Meetings are where their action is.

G'day Duffers.

You should also try a site by Jo Nova here in Oz

AussieD g'day. I see Joanne is very brave as well. The other sources sited on her search page list some very ugly sources that must have it in for her. That makes her a fine lady and most likely quite effective. I see Christopher Monckton and Christopher Booker are also listed as "others searched for" too. Pretty good company.

I have seen her name mentioned 'many a time and oft' but now I have her bookmarked.

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