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Tuesday, 15 December 2015


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David, your last sentence is truer than you think. Aiding and abetting not only a traitor, but the enemy in the field, Iran and anyone else who might be an enemy. Malignant is the right word.

Personally I think that someone, perhaps in Saudi Arabia, read The Manchurian Candidate a long time ago. Obama is there to bring down the USA.

BOE, my wife has been saying that for 7 years.

Bergdahl is an interesting one, isn't he? A liar who then gets his words and actions spun so as to further the interests of bigger players in the game. Interestingly, wikipedia says this about his career:
In 2006, Bergdahl entered basic training in the United States Coast Guard but was discharged after 26 days for psychological reasons and received an "uncharacterized discharge".[2]

In 2008, Bergdahl enlisted in the United States Army and graduated from the infantry school at Fort Benning, Georgia.

So he was too mad to join the USCG, but fine for the infantry. That tells you something about America, doesn't it?

Happily, in most cases, sadly, in this one, BO is not subject to the military's legal sructure.

What I don't understand is WHY this is happening. What vested interest does the government have in turning this man into a hero? Does he have pictures of Obama praying on a prayer rug? Or his birth certificate?

Glad to see Trump is still speaking plainy and voicing the peoples concerns. Here in the UK the media are vilifying Trump and indeed the BBC programmes are going over the top against him. The majority are being silenced. Trump mentioned the tens of thousands of young men entering Europe without families. This has been said by many in the UK but the media ignore it. More power to Trumps arm.

Jimmy...From a longer piece by David Horowitz:
"Donald Trump’s great contribution is saying the unsayable; putting things on the table that would otherwise be buried; calling a spade a spade in a time when political correctness has made us unable to discuss things that have to do with our basic national survival. This is the crux of the issue. Every time he creates a controversy like this he also tells this country that its emperors, Republican and Democrat, have no clothes. That they prefer propriety over defending the country. That they are dedicated only to keeping the lid on a cauldron of threat and challenge they have allowed to boil over."

I sense this is why the bad PR for him over there and elsewhere. If so..good for him. Governing elites are nervous.

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