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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


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Saudi? Multi-millionaire? You could probably rape women in Trafalgar Square and still get away with it.

Mind you, try that defence in Riyadh and you could find yourself on the next 'plane back to 'Blighty' with your head tucked underneath your arm!

David, unusual for a jury to take 30 mins unless they were all slipped a few bob and a camel each.

I must admit that when I set out on life's progress, sex always seemed quite difficult compared to this guy's efforts. I fell on several girls, but never achieved his results.

This defendant was quite a performer. When I was a young man, I frequently had his challenge when presented with naked young women in close proximity. As I got older, I learned that lying about it would have to do. Oh yes, I got married too. The Mrs. frowns on that kind of thing...and the lying too.

Your poor success rate with the ladies, BOE, was entirely due to you NOT being a Saudi multi-millionaire, I'm sure!

Somehow, 'Whiters', I don't think 'frowning' would quite describe the re-action should you be caught out. You stick to fishing, and I'll stick to war-games!

David- agreed.

One can only hope that the case for the prosecution was yet more pathetic.

Probably, Pat, given the reputation of the CPS!

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