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Sunday, 06 December 2015


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Marine is, if nothing else, a damned sight easier on the eye than dear papa.

David, first I'll say good luck on your procedure tomorrow and do hold still. It's a shame the quacks don't make house calls.

About the elegant Marine le-Pen, is it possibly the case that Frenchmen don't mind her but it is Parisians only that come down with the vapors at the mention of her name? She is not her father. Sometimes "right wing" only means the person actually has a chest and spine.


When Ms LePen's father was party leader the membership was largely working class people who had supported the Socialist party but strongly disagreed with immigration position of the Socialists and other main parties. Except on the hot button issues the party platform was pretty much socialist. Which is one reason the Left parties hated him, he was stealing their base of support.

Question from her fathers time: is the "Fronte National" fascist?
Answer: If they are both Nationalist and Socialist it is quite possible.

I suspect that Ms. LePen has a more sophisticated position on immigration, but her party is still more or less Socialist on other issues.

And David

Best wishes tomorrow. Remember facts be damned, the official position is none of the nurses is prettier than the Memsahib.

Good luck tomorrow. It's a vasectomy, right? "Very minor surgery" indeed.

Hopefully not a vasectomy. When I had mine, the surgeon pulled about two yards of vas deferens out of the cut explaining the the little buggers try to link up again. Honestly felt my eyeballs sink in their sockets when he did that!

Timbo, I remember after the procedure, the nurses were blushing deeply. I didn't know women could still do that.

Thanks, chaps, and no, not a vasectomy, thank the Lord.

Laser removal of the corporal's stripes you had tattooed on your arms in the sixties? ('Substantive,' bah!)

Right, Thake, you're on a charge!

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