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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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Glenn Frey was a prominent member of the country/rock group Eagles. Very big in the states for a long time. David I am shocked, approaching mortified, at your lack of awareness of mainstays of Western Popular culture. Oh, I noticed the British actor Alan Rickman died at age 69 the other day. I always liked him and his low rolling voice that could deliver lines distinctly at the speed of molasses. David, way out there in do have electricity and running water as a sign of modernity?

Of course we have running water, 'Whiters', there's quite a fast flowing stream runs right through the village! And yes, I was sorry to hear the death of Alan Rickman, I saw him once up at Stratford.

I've always know that there problems in Scotland.

The rain
The midges
The Clan Campbell.

Especially the latter.

Quite so, John:

Upon the Lomonds I lay, I lay, (repeat)
I lookit down to bonnie Lochleven
And saw three perches play-hay-hay!
The Great Argyll he goes before,
He makes the cannons and guns to roar,
With sound o'trumpet, pipe and drum,
The Campbells are coming, Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro!
The Campbells they are a' in arms,
Their loyal faith and truth to show,
With banners rattling in the wind,
The Campbells are coming Ho-Ro, Ho-Ro![

I'm sure Jimmy Glesga can translate!

Just helping you out here David. When you see the source I figure, you'll know what is what.

Nuff said?

Thanks, JK, and I'm delighted 'Big Sis' is back on song, I was beginning to get worried.

Who cares about Glenn Frey? One less Eagle taking up our oxygen. David Bowie though...I will love him forever.

A visitation from 'Big Sis' - I tremble, Ma'am, I tremble!

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