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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


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Breaking news DD : No political name you recognise will break ranks to vote leave. End of.

kind regards

Alas, David, I fear you may be right.

We have to wait for the result. Maybe the British will regain their lost pride and rid themselves from the European Mafia.


You may recall also that Mrs May opted to vote into the European Arrest Warrant, which was a not inconsiderable blow to British freedoms, so I would be particularly distrustful of her.

Boris I do consider an keenly intelligent man, and not wholly bad considering he is hampered by being a politician; however he is also a keen opportunist, and like all the others with very few exceptions he would sell his granny for a handful of votes.

Sorry to disappoint you Jimmy, but the British will never vote to let go of nurse.

Seventy years on from 1945 we are a nation that has lost its pride, its courage and its ability to think for itself.

The good news is that the EU will likely fall to bits before too long anyway. The only question is whether the death toll as a result will be in the hundreds, the thousands, or the hundreds of thousands. I hope and pray we'll avoid millions, but the death throes of empires are never pretty.

'Cuffers', I have no love for Mrs. May but just for the referendum I'll put up with her!

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