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Thursday, 07 January 2016


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What a revolting sight!

Still well done that man even if he didn't sing (he's built like one of the three tenors - he should have a good voice).

Hodges has his moments and is one of the few half way decent writers on the pointless rag formerly known as the Torygraph.

I will not have a word said against Her Majesty's Daily Torygraph! I rarely read their leaders but the range of commentary is excellent.

He kept his word, and that counts for a lot these days.

Mind you, the moral of this particular story is that you are often better off not making bets, so you don't have a word to keep. But credit to him, anyway.

It could have been Doris Karloff and Boris running doon Whitehall tits oot. A sight tae behold followed by the Scottish Nat women and men all gathering at the Red Lion for a pint.

He might have raised a few more quid for charity if he had got Calvin Klein to pay for the advertising!

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