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Saturday, 30 January 2016


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I can understand the need for primitive people to look to a "higher" being in times of need but I simply cannot understand why anybody needs one now.
We're on our own and it's every man for himself.
Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Anyone who places himself as an intermediary between you and your God is a fraud. Once people accept this then there is complete freedom of religion.

While I am undecided whether or not there is a supreme being, I have mo truck with organised religion. To me, it is an artificial, man made, concept and, as such, is a corrupt ideal, as man is, by nature, corrupt on one way or another. Back on the day, some devious chancer wondered how he could gain power, prestige, the fawning attention of the most beautiful women of the tome plus a shed load money. "I know," he said, "I'll start a religion." Name one religion where the founder, or titular head doesn't have one or more of the above. Such people will always find those stupid, naive or so undedicated enough to follow. Christianity is just over 2000 years old whilse Islam is about 1500 years old. What about all the religions that preceded them or followed them? People can believe what they want as long as they don't try to force their beliefs down my throat or try to kill me just because I feel they are a bad nch of dangerous mumpties.

Well, Peter, that qualifies you as a member of the extreme Puritan sects who insisted that the concept of a priest was anathema. Back then, most of them ended up in Massachusetts!

I am with you, Penseivat, in your suspicions of organised religion, however, I think Jesus Christ was an exception. I would suggest that about 98.5% of what passes for Christianity these days is stuff invented by latter-day Christians eager to wield power.

Having only trendy churches in the vicinity, I read the Book of Common Prayer morning service on Sundays with the appointed readings. The psalms are actually the Coverdale version, earlier than the King James Version - and somehow more homely .

I prefer them that way. There are also the state prayers and the prayer for the High Court Of Parliament when it is in session - all very necessary for them!

If anyone is feeling depressed, I can recommend the psalms on a daily basis . They contain just about every aspect of human nature and experience and are a good reminder that there is nothing new under the sun, putting things
In perspective.

Sounds like a restful, contemplative way to start a Sunday, Edward, much better than reading the papers!

According to the books I have read, including the Bible, Jesus didn't start a religion. He was a Jew when he was born and a Jew when he died. He merely preached a philosophy that living in a certain way on this earth would ease the path to a higher form of living in an afterlife. It was others who started a religion in his name after his death. However, one (what, only one?) aspect of this makes me feel it's all a con job, is that he is supposed to have died so our sins would be forgiven. That's the sins we have committed, are committing, and will commit. So, you could be the biggest sh#t on the planet, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc, but when you pop your clogs your sins will all be forgiven and you will spend eternity sitting on a fluffy white cloud playing your harp, probably next to Tony Blair, Simon Cowell or Piers Morgan. Doesn't quite seem like heaven to me!

I think, Penseivat, that if you propose a certain way of conducting your life and back it up by appeals to a God, then it is not unreasonable to call it a religion. In many ways it was an excellent paradigm for conducting one's life but, alas, almost immediately his followers indulged in 'interpretation' and it has been downhill ever since.

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