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Friday, 08 January 2016


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She will no doubt wriggle out of it and so the possibility exists that she or Trump will become president. If we thought Obama's presidency awful then I suspect we will see even worse with either of those two in office. Although it is hard to see any other Republican and especially any Democrat presidential candidate being much better. The poor quality of American politicians these days mirrors that of the quality of the Roman senators in the dying years of that empire. Pointing I believe to the fact that that once great nation the USA is in rapid decline as is so much of the rest of the West as we also have no politicians any more with the calibre and ability needed to be good let alone great leaders.

This scenario is interesting and it is well known how much the FBI has on Hillary, and it's only January. FBI director James Comey appears to be a patriot so far, but in DC one never knows. He works for Attorney General Loretta Lynch who works for Obama. In the next few months, watch for reports on Hillary's "health". If they become frequent then we know the stage is being set for her "exit". If the FBI is thrown under the bus, then I expect the number of patriots within to start singing. I despise Donald Trump personally, but right now he is very useful as a "necessary man". He alone can do much that the run of the mill pol who has his hands in his pants can't.

You good folk "over there" may have sensed that tensions here are running a bit high throughout the country. That is as it should be now that we peasants know that government lies to us all the time. Throw in a few "culture enrichers" from the wide world of Islam and off to the races we go. For some, it will soon be time to "get the hell out of Dodge".

It is not that Trump CAN say what other republican candidates can't say. He says things that they won't say because they are "gentlemen". So they won't say that an elderly lady is lying thru' her rotting teeth; even though she is.

"It is not that Trump CAN say what other republican candidates can't say" - it is that he does because that is how he has always done business.

In a sense it is refreshing as it brings out into the open a lot of stuff that would otherwise be swept under the carpet.

I don't particularly want to see him become president, in fact I don't want to see any of them becoming president - I agree with Antisthenes, adding only that the worse the calibre of candidate becomes, the more power the president seems to accumulate.

Obama has been a deeply worrying president and it is an odds on certainty that the next will be even worse.

Whiters - we don't want the FBI to drop any bombs just yet, the later in the year it is the more damaging to Billary, isn't it? About September would seem to be ideal.

Cuffleyburgers, yes your suggested timing would be ideal. Usually these things are done with slow leaks to select media. That's why the Hillary "health" watch. I sure don't want her in the WH. I don't want Trump in the WH either. Somehow, America owes itself a proper American president. Hell, We owe the world a proper American president.

Whitewall. The candidates say a lot before election however we do not know how they will perform when in office. Trump could be a pleasant surprise. We just have to wait out!

Jimmy, you never know I guess, but I sense the Donald would get bored with the confinement of the job and just start issuing "directives". We need no king here. I hope he selects a quality vice president. We can do better.

Whitewall. On refection maybe Trump should do business and create wealth however the USA needs a Ronnie at this moment in history.

Sorry, Jimmy, but I really don't know what you see in Trump. Is it his comments on immigration? Mexican immigration is not a problem anymore since the economy went down the tubes, and the mess with Muslim immigration will get sorted out with or without Trump.

Trump is a buffoon. Listen to anything he says about Putin. He'll move to a third party, and then just drop out. Sooner or later someone will tell him that his businesses will need to be placed in trust if he ever wins. There is no republican contender, because Trump is overshadowing the others, the bastard. The next president will be a democrat and that will be either Clinton or Sanders. This is pretty much the end of American capitalism, and the way of life I grew up in. I'm glad I'm an old man. I'd hate to grow up in the America that we will have soon.

Me too Dom. Glad that is, that I'm well past the halfway point.

To think what they dragged Patreus over the coals for, while Hillary gets a free pass on a lifetime of lies, deceit, and crookery.

Jimmy, if you come back to this thread, this link is why I described Trump as a "necessary man" for the moment.

I sense Western Europe is rotting away with PC, more so than North America.

Well chaps, let us not overdo the gloom. The price of oil has dropped thru' the floor, wrecking the economies of many of our enemies and some of our "friends". Obama has managed to destroy most of the infrastructure in half a dozen Arab countries; they are going to be quite busy for some time. The USA is now self-sufficient in oil and Obama has managed to arrange things so that more Americans have more guns than ever before. And who knows, The Granny might go down in flames any day. And the Dumpy One.

Dom, he is the first person to say, stop letting a cult (Muslims) into our country and try and stop them killing us. As long as you are not the next victim then it is ok to let the loonies in!

Eh Jimmy, not all of the USA is north of Chicago.

True Whitewall's abit closer to DC than he ought be but then, he knows where he and his kin/ken will be welcomed ... if only 'cause the natives recognize trigger-discipline when they see it ... and who can tell the difference between a yarrow root and a bean sprout ...

And - so far as I ken tell - the "loonies" can't espy the difference between "ho" & "hoe."

Long as Whitewall is confident of where ol' Sol lays down as Venus arises well ... I think he & the Missus will make it.

Some few others ... the remainders I'm reckoning'll fit right in where they are.

We ask one single question, "Can you spell Presbyterian?" which; depending on whether (as We decide) such spelling comes natchurl or not ...

Jk. When I was doing army recruiting the potential recruit had to write his/her religion down for NOK contact in case of being a casualty. Here is some, Prodetant, Proddie, Protustant, Kaflik, Kafflik, Cathlik. If someone spelt it correct we ensured they would not become Officers.

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