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Tuesday, 12 January 2016


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Why are Rupe and Ms. Hall wearing those things around their necks? surely they don't need ID when he owns everything and everyone who surrounds him?

Perhaps it's to ensure that they keep hold of each other!

Ms Hall, as I recall, turned out to be not quite married to what's his name, the ugly rock person.
When she decided to divorce Mr Jaggley, apparently the wedding celebration they went through in Bali was just a bit of fun (and moolah) for the locals.
The Balinese enjoy a good laugh (and moolah). Me too! I laughed a lot.
And without being bitchy (well, maybe just a little bit) I've always thought Ms Hall was very ugly and I couldn't figure out why she was a "super model".
Probably has other attributes that wouldn't necessarily appeal to me and my ilk.

Andra, I am sure she will inspire his ding a ling to greater efforts.

Jimmy, that would be assault by an antique organ.

Actually, Whiters, I think the gift from the groom to the bride will be an antique pendant!

And you 'bitchy', Andra, perish the thought!

Along with Andra, I never understood her supermodel status. But I suppose that horse face photographs well and sleeping with men who can further one's career makes gold-digging so much easier.

Dear Miss Red, "You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment!"

A quotation from a fictional political character on our TVs a few years ago.

Oh yes, FU

So Ms. Hall, what first attracted you to the multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch?

It's a bit like the Onassis business, isn't it, except that Jerry Hall isn't in the same league looks-wise as Jackie Kennedy was then.

If gaining that much wealth over your life leaves you looking like the above...I think I'll pull up about right here on the wealth part. This leaves me with the best of both worlds.

Yes, Francis Urquhart.
Brilliant stuff. I could happily see that series again.

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