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Friday, 22 January 2016


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Oh sorry. Waiter, I'll have another thanks.

An impressive feat - and I speak as an ex-Staff officer, brevet Corporal. (Albeit only in war-games.) Dunno about you, Duffy, but I think the most difficult feat of generalship is the fighting retreat, in danger of being outflanked on both sides, before a much superior force. Viz: General Lanrezac's retreat from the Sambre to the Marne in 1914, and General Chanzy's retreat from Orleans to Le Mans in 1870, not to mention Sir John Moore's retreat to Corunna in the Peninsula war. No doubt you could - and very probably will - provide a multitude of examples from your own vast store of knowledge!

Very wise, Andra, when I launch into full-on boring mode alcoholic oblivion is best!

Yes indeed, Oswald, fighting a retreat is reckoned to be the trickiest of manoeuvres. I would add Wellington's retreat from Quatre Bras although he was helped by the rain.

David, do you have CDs of these talks you give available for your legions of fans here who can't make it to your events? Somehow your fine summaries on the blog here don't convey the rapt attention the real thing must inspire.

Not sleeping well, 'Whiters'? Anyway, the best bit of my talks are not me droning on but the PowerPoint gimmicks. My talk on Midway, entitled 'How the Japs Lost WWII in the First Six Months' is a real 'whizzy-do' with fleets moving hither and thither and little aircraft flying around dropping bombs. I tell you, I should be up for an OSCAR!

Eh, David?

"Anyway, the best bit of my talks are not me droning on but the PowerPoint gimmicks."

But first, to capture the flavor of the slide I've in mind I'll first land you on another if only to get McChrystal's reaction.

Belay that - I'll just copy and paste what he said then, if necessary - come back with the source-link.

“When we understand it,” war commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal joked when he saw the slide, “we’ll have won the war.”

(Apparently .. 'that understanding' has yet to be revealt.)

David, this would be a good year to be nominated for an Oscar....seems all the nominees are white which has got all the PC SJWs with their tits in the wringer.

Surely there ought to be some muslim actors and films in with a chance?

BOE, alas no, seems they can't find their way home from the last jihad.

I wouldn't have minded hearing that. Sorry to say I am a fan of Napoleon at least as a military genius. What do you think of the film The Battle of Austerlitz? (I thought it was great)

Good Grief, JK, my PP presentations are Grade II infant school standard!

I'm working on my two hour acceptance speech already, Whiters!

If things keep going the way they are, BOE, there might be another Austerlitz as we fight off the incoming Dervish hordes!

Quite right, Mike, he was a brilliant general but he was also an infernal bloody nuisance! I have always been struck by the extraordinary speed with which the Great Panjandrums of Europe dropped everything at the Congress of Vienna and agreed in world record time to go back to war when news arrived of Boney's landing in France. Says it all, really! Sorry, I've never seen the film, in fact, I didn't know they had made one! Obviously I was otherwise engaged at the time!

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