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Monday, 11 January 2016


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"She will leave the Civil Service after a 36-year career in local and central Government and is understood to be keen to take a career break before taking up another job. Ms Homer made clear that she will try to avoid taking any roles related to her work at HMRC once she has entered the private sector.

How refreshing & so so unlikely.

Kind regards

I can tell from the tone of this that you are on the mend, DD.

Yes, David, I gather she is looking for work in the Banking sector - need one say more?!

Yes, 'W', I feel my grumpiness returning!


However I'd be happier if something deeply unpleasant had happened to her as opposed to retiring with a gong and a ginormous pension.

She has done a wonderful job - just ask her. Put her self out tirelessly in the service of herself and cronies.

Public Servants the world over are Cy-borgs [I am reliably informed by one of my grand daughters that Cy-borgs are aliens].

They have been sent here to screw us over and prepare us for the eventual alien invasion and eternal servitude.

That feels better. I'll now go and take my medication.

And for all the Northern Hemisphere people it is going to be 34C and sunny here in Melbournistan. This evening it will be gin & tonic on the back patio. Life can be tough.

Perhaps the 'failures' were deliberate and her career has been a great success from the point of view of the wreckers who are destroying the country.

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