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Thursday, 21 January 2016


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"It's tough being a king" as Charles III may one day discover. I'm almost looking forward to it.

One of the thorny and (I think) intriguing problems he struggled to deal with was the continuing hostility between England and Scotland, despite his being king of both of them. So (for instance), there was no free trade between the kingdoms. His calls for greater unity were pretty well consistently ignored. He did manage to call himself the king of Great Britain, but no practical benefits flowed from this.

Well, Uncle, I don't wish the poor fellow ill but I hope his reign is short enough not to allow him time to do mischief! Incidentally, I have almost given up trying to comment on your excellent site, it keeps going wrong on me.

Yes indeed, 'H', that is the other major problem he faced. The two nations couldn't stand each other - still can't by the sound of things these days!

King James allowed witch hunting/ burning to a great extent to keep the faithfull on board which allowed entrepreneurs! to steal other peoples property.
The Scottish Nat sis inspite of their hatred of the English lost the referendum. Most Scots have no axe to grind but get on with their lives like fellow Brits. Scottish Nat sis thrive on promoting hatred of their English neighbours.

If he is remembered for nothing else James I [or VI if you prefer] should be venerated for his promotion of the King James version of the Bible. Doesn't matter whether you believe or not it is one of the best examples of prose ever.

It [the King James Bible] also used to be found on the Bridge of all of HM's Ships of War and used cryptically to "make a signal". If you can find a copy then the book "Make a Signal" is worth a read.

Better buy the book, AussieD, I think you will enjoy it.

I have two copies Duffers. The original and the reprint called "Make Another Signal".

I loved making signals using the King James Bible. Most Bunting Tossers and Sigs Officers have a better knowledge of the Bible than the Sin Bosuns [Ministers/Clergy] do.

Most Bunting Tossers and Sigs Officers have a better knowledge of the Bible than the Sin Bosuns [Ministers/Clergy] do.

That should read "used to have". Don't know about the present lot.

Reminds me, AussieD, of the apocryphal story of Napier's message from India which translated to "I have sinned", or, 'I have Sindh'.

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