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Thursday, 07 January 2016


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Once people taste freedom and learn how it comes about, they won't tolerate its rationing. China may be ripe for a good old fashioned social uprising. After all, there are many 'Chinas' within China.

Whiters - I wish you were correct. However, we in the UK, the US and Europe seem to make no objection to having our freedoms curtailed on a daily basis.

We have, at the moment, more bread and a greater variety of circuses than the Chinee, but, whether you consider the high water mark of human development to have been 1914 or 1989, the direction of travel in many respects is clearly negative.

The biggest difference is that the chinese haven't had their wealth and comforts long enough to grow blase about them and so will react more urgently and more violently than the narcoleptic populations of the West.

Whitewall, China is on a course building false Islands and they must be prepared to go to war to maintain their agenda.

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