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Thursday, 28 January 2016


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"I, on the other hand, would urge my American readers ..."

Ya know David of course I sometimes wonder who's the premierest not paying the least bit fucking attention ... but fortunately

There's a Brit screen-saved a certain Independent article from some years passed and - given the spellings; I'm figuring the research didn't come from the likes of either JK, Whitewall, or for that matter fuck ..

Y'all Brits on the other hand ...


The clue to Y'all UK folks should orter be - we here in the US don't anymore, have papers/blogs daring to declare "Independent."

Al Gore Climate Whore. Took the money and ran.

Al Gore - one of the most obnoxius people in the world (in a crowded field)

Thanks, JK, I managed to translate that - eventually!

Whiters that's very rude - but true!

Likewise, Cuffers!

What I truly do not understand is that with all the crazies in the world that want to get nukes and destroy the world, the west is running around claiming "climate change" is going to destroy us? I wonder what colour the sky is in their world?

missred...the color of 'deep denial'.

Whitewall, the planet Earth has been around for a few years and has eaten up everything that has existed during this time. I think it will plod on as usual with or without us humans.

Jimmy, you're right. Certain people have pronounced us "doomed" so many times and been so wrong. They are always in denial because they simply can't be wrong.

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