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Thursday, 28 January 2016


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It is more like a way to keep a threatening officer "in line" and quiet.

"I wonder if the same sort of thing was going on before Pearl Harbour? I await inside information from ex-Able Seaman 'JK' - I have it on very good authority that he knows about these sorts of things!"

How quickly we forget David. As a "wise man" once put it;

Also, it is wrong to under-estimate the difficulties facing US naval intelligence in 1941. As JK's other (excellent) link indicates, the whole concept of grouping carriers together and thus combining their air power into a massive 'sledgehammer' was only developed by the Japanese in the Summer of 1941! This was revolutionary thinking similar to the German all-arms concept of blitzkrieg. As the article points out, perceptively, all too often military intelligence only concerns itself with finding out if your potential enemy has thought of the things you have thought up - and if you haven't thought of them then there is no reason why you would go searching!

Once again we are reminded the extent to which governments which flatter themselves are in charge, driving events... to the rare extent they ever get things right it is through luck, and mostly they get things calamitously wrong, and we common citizens are left to pick up the bill.

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