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Monday, 04 January 2016


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"Of course, Balme could not be certain that all the German sailors had departed so entering the sub was a nerve-wracking experience. Fortunately it was empty..."

Quite apart from the courage needed to confront a desperate submariner with a pistol, I would have thought that going on board a damaged, wallowing submarine is no small feat in itself. A brave bunch.

Strangely, the Guardian don't seem to be making much of Lt. Cdr. Balme's passing. Doubtless Corbyn will make a heartfelt statement later today...

Good post David. WONDER WHY it is NOT on the mainstream media.

they were entitled to 'Americanise' it

I agree entirely so long as the opening screen bears the legend, "This is complete and utter bullshit as it was actually the Brits that did it". Claiming someone else's accomplishments in war time is a No No like wearing campaign ribbons you are not entitled to. Particularly so when the event occurred five months before your nation enters the war in question. Our American cousins have much to be proud of without claiming something they were not responsible for.

Speaking of American cousins. Happy New Year Whitewall. Hope all is well with you.

I can more easily explain the ways of God than of Hollywood, but there is this: They sell movies with "stars", more or less porn actors with their clothes on. Matthew McConnaughey sells movie tickets. The US market is bigger, so they aim for that. American audiences, pardon the diss of my own country, are very vague about geography. There is their own neighborhood, and there is "out there." English, Scot, Irish, Canadian, oh, yes, Aussie, are sort of a jumble. While my family and I try to place an English person by their regional accent, sometimes wonder why a Lowland Scot is in a Highland setting, that is just a nit to pick, as far as, for example, my patients and their families are concerned. Nor do we cheer for national teams in football, believing that we are the only country that plays football, or at least, the football that matters. We just don't have the concept of a better country, or a worse one. The birth cohort who will vote for the first time this year can seldom get it right who were the enemy in WWII. The capture of the Enigma was a great story, and it actually happened, as I understand things, a couple more times, but the MI6 were so closed-mouth about it all that no one knew of any of the captured Enigmas for decades. And, for what it's worth, we who do understand such things also cheer MI6 and Bletchley, and Noor Kahn, and all the rest of them, and James Bond and his real life counterparts because they are on our side, more or less. We can no more understand your interest in national rivalries than you can grasp our apparent obsession with dental health.

My wife said that the last comment ended in a snark. I denounce myself! However, more than one British friend has referred to "the American obsession with dentistry." I do not believe that any of them intended to be snarky, either. It just seems to be an honest opinion

I would not wish to argue with your lady wife, Michael, but 'snark' is what we do round here. Mind you, only the very best, superior sort of 'snark'!

The main thrust of your argument was entirely right - American money + American film expertise = American enterprise. And if the late Lt. Cdr. Balme had no objections then why should any of us?

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