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Sunday, 03 January 2016


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You're welcome to him. My wife is a musician and loves him, but to me he seems to be that very rare phenomenon: someone who has enormous musical skill, but absolutely no aesthetic sensibility.

Your wife, 'W', has impeccable taste in music but not in men, she should have married me! Try his 5th, simply superb.

If you want to Mark's music looks to be available here:

Ben, good to hear from you and, yes, I found that link.

Well it's great that music can live on well beyond the theatre production for which it was composed! We were dished a dose of poor luck, however, when David moved away to Dorset as no other director at the RSS has been nearly so good at commissioning (albeit for none but the love of music) new compositions and I have felt rather unchallenged in that department since! I still have a hundred tunes within me but I am terrible at inventing my own vehicles for their creation. For that I need inspiration, direction and deadlines.

Well, Mark, it's just possible that your talent may be required again in 2017 if - and it's a big 'if' - I get my hands on a play I have wanted to direct for years. You and I had a strange relationship over the years because I can't tell the difference between a crotchet and a quaver and yet you could take my spoken English and turn it into music. Here's hoping we can collaborate again.

Hmm, I see there's a problem with some of my links. Not only did get renamed to, but the latter does not appear to be working. I have therefore uploaded the MP3 recording I have of the entire Ghosts string quartet to a new URL and updated the web page. Here is a direct link.

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