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Monday, 25 January 2016


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Well, she's got little beady eyes, what did you expect?

Who [rude phrase] is Emma-bloody-Rice when she is at home? I despise people who muck around with "the Bard". Including mobs like Bell Shakespeare. Bloody peasants all of them.

AussieD, you raise a tricky subject when you refer to "people who muck around with "the Bard"." I may well post on it later.

Is this a blagger which I see before me...

I also don't like it when people much around with "the Bard". How can a bleached blonde with a bad haircut who professes not to be "a lover of the written word" possibly think she can re-write a bit of the epitome of English literature? Narcissism truly runs rampant in the West.

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