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Sunday, 17 January 2016


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Ad that Von Mises quote to what I said yesterday about Keynes. The post powerful force in the universe is physics. The second most powerful is arithmetic.

And in the end, despite the pols, 'truth will out'!

Ya know David[?] when I came back and noticed you'd added "The lost keys to paradise ... Somehow, one feels, there is more to this story ..."

Anyway ... I intuited Anna's 'return' might be a link to click on.

The news of the 'goings-on' during New Years in Cologne having made it even into the hills and hollers of the Ozarks ... if I had to guess whats more to this story ... my guess would be the news has made it to Italy.

JK, I went to Anna's site earlier...first time ever...made a brief comment about the "culture enrichers" in Cologne, Germany. My comment never showed up. Guess she has to moderate them first. I used my real name, not WW. Maybe I didn't have my hair combed properly and tie straight?

WW, I dunno exactly but it "might be" your choice of browsers - DD perhaps can tell you how many times of late he's emailed advising me he's having to retrieve my comments.

(Now it's been since near a year ago ol' JK left a comment over on Raccoon Arms thus, all I'm doing is advising ... about the only browser I can depend on to get a comment to "stick to a UK site" is Firefox.

Ol' JK ought probably advise in addition tho - my LAN set-up is a tad titchy. My "accustomed browser" totally unable to pin a comment on anything but a Wordpress blog.)

You might tho go back and re-look at whatever timeframe GMT you made the attempt and see whether your "acceptable company" ... if its Anna herself moderating might be 'something DD better explain' or heck, even LB.

David? Once WW acknowledges this comment go ahead and delete the two, this one and WW's 10-4.

JK, I'll go check again and try to remember the time frame I made it.

Great news today. First a break in your health, and the return of the Raccoon!

Perhaps Corbyn has a point? A Trident missile with a concrete warhead would hit the ground at about Mach 6. If it hit the Red Lion pub in Whitehall it would probably wreck most of the UK government quarter.

"A consummation devoutly to be wished"!

(Abramovic) It would take a heart of stone not to laugh...

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