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Tuesday, 12 January 2016


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David, that is one of the many...well one or two.. things that make this blog so fun to follow--your kindness and willingness to share with your long suffering wife. The antibiotics have done wonders for you it seems.

Don't apologise, David; the tsunami of manufactured grief about this is getting past tedious.

Enough already.

Spot on, Whiters, and I shall bring your remarks to the notice of the 'Memsahib' - if only she'd stop sneezing!

Quite right, Andrew, but alas, there is nothing so powerful as youthful reminiscences.

Why don't y'all have an electric kettle in the bathroom, or some corner of the bedroom? In Texas, the answer would be "ants", but, in your cooler clime, that would seem to be a lesser problem. You did freeze a plastic bottle of water, did you not? Keep it in a plastic dish pan at the bedside, to catch the condensate, and drink a liter every day.

Next time, please, take zinc gluconate at the first little scratchy burning in the nasopharynx, and this whole mess will end in four days less time than if left untreated. (Unless, of course, you really do enjoy whining about the snot.)One of the ways we show ourselves to be "one people, divided by a common tongue" is in the names of over-the-counter medications, so I don't know how helpful this will be, but, over here, it is sold as "Cold Eze." There is actually a generic, on the shelf right next do the trade marked brand. They taste pretty bad, and you have to keep them in your mouth until they dissolve, but they do shorten the duration and diminish the severity of a cold. Cold viruses are also very heat-sensitive. Steam, with a kettle and towel and all that, for twenty minutes, BY THE CLOCK, right at the beginning, will knock the little buggers right out. I stopped on the second day, when I had the Cold From Hell, back in November, and it got so bad that the virus gave me Bell's palsy, on the left, to match the paralysis I got, on the right, eleven years ago. That most recent one has pretty much cleared up, thank you for asking. The sequelae on the right side are now worse than the more recent ones.

Bloody hell David... You DO know who the Beatles were! I was beginning to wonder...

Michael, thank you, my friend, for your excellent advice. I think probably the gunk on my chest was the result of an infection but the anti-bios seem to have calmed things down a bit although I am still coughing. Anyway, today I have been forced to change from my patient role to my nursie role so I will pass on your tips to the 'Memsahib'.

Richard, yes, and in the end I grew to quite like them.

Tchaikovsky is dead too.

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