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Friday, 22 January 2016


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As a citizen who is legally allowed to vote, I am sitting still. My primary isn't until May. By then I may have little choice. While I like Trump's initial out of the gate message, I never liked him as a celebrity. My two favourite candidates dropped out early - Walker and Perry. Most unfortunate in my opinion. Oh well. So I am or trying not to pay any attention to all the slinging that is going on because it really doesn't matter until I am allowed to vote. That is the one thing I don't like about the sovereignty of states. I think all primaries should be held at once and let the rounds begin. Anyway.... because I am home because of the blizzapacolyse (sic) I have probably have had too much whisky. Bottom line, I like Cruising whoops...I don't really know. But I cannot vote in the Republican primary because I never changed my party. I registered as a Dem when I was 18 and when I came to my senses I decided not to change my party in order to create havoc. I will vote for Martin O'Malley.. the worst governor Maryland has ever had. *evil laugh*

WoW I said all that!

Have another one for me, dear Miss Red, but above all wrap up warm and take good care of yourself.

Martin "let me apologize" O'Malley.

David, if MDA and MDS get their hands on you...they will discipline you. Firmly.

Whitewall I think that maybe Duffers fervent hope.


AussieD, I bet you're right. It is snowing and sleeting with freezing rain here. Awful. Sunny there?

G'day Whitewall,

Mild today. Only 27C with high humidity. Sun is out, birds are chirping, grass is growing and beer in the fridge is chilled. SWMBO is happy so all is right with the World.

Well, Whiters, you always do things bigger and better over there even when it comes to bad weather. Take care!

Interesting review of the National Review article on Trump by Don Surber, whoever he is.

Trump ain't perfect but the alternative is continuing down the same path. Tear it all down. This is the only legal way we can do that.

Sadly, I can't vote for him and his equivalents in the UK appear to all be socialist scumbags.

Lord T..Trump has tapped into something very deep here in America-"Cold Anger"-not the kind that runs into the streets with pitchforks and guns, but the kind that absorbs the wrongs done to us by our political class, in this case especially Republican Conservative opinion makers and pols. Hence the NRO grabbing for relevance and self preservation. Cold Anger doesn't go looking for conflict as would hot irrational anger, Cold Anger is aiming for a reckoning. Trump represents the destructor. Time to call out the truly guilty...Obama, Hillary, IRS, the books-read aloud the names. Also read aloud the names of quisling Republicans who have aided and abetted in this for career advancement.

Reading these excellent articles in the National Review It occurred to me that Trumps action is actually a kind of trojan horse play by the dems. There is no way Trump can win but he can destroy all the decent Republican contenders of whom there are several.

As they point out Trump has been a generous donor to the Clintons and his policies such as they are and his demagoguery mark him out as to all intents and purposes is a democrat.

It is a clever, cynical ploy and one which will cost America, and the world, dear.

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