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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


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Being fairly much in agreement with you on the concerns of DT. And confessing as not having heard much of his rhetoric except bits/snippets and excerpts from newscasters. Having made most of his (Donald Trump) money in construction am sure he realizes the value of detailed blue prints. Being from the old school it requires more than a generalization of intentions before I consider just thinking of casting a ballot in a candidates direction.

Of course there is the conflict of interest with his vast number of business holdings.

David, Trump for me and if he does it you are on the bell.

Did you actually listen to Mrs. Palin make that "speech"? She was off her meds, clearly. Poor woman. Now her son has punched his girlfriend in the face and apparently it's Obama's fault.

Yes, 'Big Sis', she did appear to be a little over-excited, it was probably the power of Donald's testosterone! But be honest, what did you think of her shimmery top? I do rely on you for the final word on ladies' style.

If there's one person calculated to infuriate British lefties even more than Mr. Trump, it's surely Mrs. Palin.

Their impotent spluttering incoherent rage is a joy to behold.

It's all just too delicious.

Oh yes, onward with the mummers parade.

David, you are just a sucker for a well turned ankle...or maybe phrase?

Well, it's true that many of us found Mrs Palin's attributes as a poke in the eye to the Leftist establishment very appealing, and thought that her "drill baby drill" idea was spot on, as it turned out to be, when our drilling tumbled the world-wide oil markets, and set a cat among various petrokleptocracies' pigeons, but, it would not be an outrageous over statement to suggest that she lacked some subtlety, where it might actually be needed. There's an idea floating around that DT has offered her the Vice-Presidency, but, since he is also a collection of even louder and more imprecise slogans, she would be a strategically poor choice.

We are fairly well accustomed to the photogenic President fronting for a collection of "thinkers," known in Roosevelt's day as his "Brain Trust." We are only just now learning how much Ronald Reagan's best decisions were taken over the objections of his 'handlers' and everyone thought, at the time, that Carter had to ask someone in the know where the bathrooms were. This time around, it would be most wonderful to have the brains sitting behind the Resolute desk, rather than hovering around it. My boy Ted can take advice, but he is smart enough to know when it is bad advice, and to reject the whispers of Grimma Worm-Tongue. That's why so many Conservative bloggers support him, rather than than the Populist Mr. Trump.

Millions of Conservatives are appalled at Mrs' Palin's defection. I do not know what has happened. The Veep spot is one obvious explanation, but I think she can see that that would be a terrible idea, and she has spent her entire political life in vigorous opposition to crony capitalism, which has defined DT's life since he could vote.

Sigh, not good, nor comprehensible.

Always glad to read your thoughts, Michael, because it is very difficult to come to any sound conclusions from this far away. As for Ted Cruz, I simply do not know enough about him to comment sensibly.

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