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Tuesday, 05 January 2016


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I recently had a raw throat and kept coughing up lots of phlegm. I put up with it for weeks before going to the doctor as we men do. Even rum didn't work.

Turned out to be a bacterial infection easily cleared up by antibiotics. Maybe something to keep in mind if it persists.

Sometimes with these flu viruses it is best to stop dealing with the symptoms and just cover up, sweat it out and let the thing run its course. Sleep and hydrate and journey to the porcelain fixture. Repeat.

Drink plenty of whisky. Being as over-tired and emotional as a newt most of the time will take your mind off your flu symptoms. Oh, and don't stop smoking. (If you don't already smoke, take it up at once.) A good cough first thing in the morning clears 'the tubes.'
Works for me.

Oddly enough, Oswald, just today I have had a letter from my lung specialist giving me the 'all clear' on lung cancer despite my history of being a 60-a-day man. Anyway, I continue to cough and spit like a proper old man!

David, 60 a day? I never suspected you were "one of those".

Alas, Whiters, it was true but I managed to kick the habit about 35 years ago. It was interesting how it happened. I had tried, many a time and oft', usually on New Years Day or birthdays to break the habit but in the end I always gave in. Then one day I walked into my office and went to stub out my cigarette in my rather large round glass ashtray only to find it absolutely full to the brim with dog-ends and no free space for another. It was a rather disgusting sight and I resolved to stop there and then - which I did *without any withdrawal symptoms at all*! It was easy, as though a switch in my brain had been thrown. All very odd but I am deeply grateful - particularly given the price of ciggies today!

Your account sounds familiar. I smoked for a few years back when I was young and indestructible. I was raised here in North Carolina, which was always called "Tobacco Road" since we grew more than any other state. My quitting was easy as the cost was mounting, but more precisely, I had met a girl I liked a lot and she told me my clothes smelled like an ashtray. That did it. I quit. But then, hang it all, the girl in question "wandered off". Anyway, glad to hear your lungs are good and you can cough like the proper English gent I suspect you are.

Hot milk with malt whisky and a spoonfull of honey.

Don't know if it cures you but a couple of mugfulls and you sleep like a baby for 36 hours.

Always works for me which is a pity really as I would be happy to keep at it...

Thanks, Gentlemen, for your various whisky cures but I think I'll just take it neat. I can't bring myself to despoil a single malt!

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