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Monday, 15 February 2016


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The above sounds somewhat familiar as I see it from over here. Is Britain now a colony of Brussels? Sure sounds like it. Other European states can do as they wish, but Great Britain? Rough up a few EU regulators, send back to them their new edicts and tell them to dump some Whig--sorry--wig powder on them. If worse comes to worse, toss a great load of tea into the Thames.

Don't make me have to come over there....

I have never understood why the UK surrendered their sovereign state to Brussels. But then I see so much surrendering by that sceptred isle to all kinds of chicanery these days.
The speech by Mr. John Redwood (be still I might be a little in love) is a fine one. Full of integrity even.

"His well meaning efforts..."

"The well intentioned efforts..."

You see, this is why I'm not renowned for my diplomatic skills. I wouldn't have phrased those things in quite that fashion.

Whitewall, we do have a chance to get out but I suspect there are some in the out campaign who are not serious and will attempt to division. We must stand firm with unity and get out of this corrupt mafia union.

Hi Jimmy, I haven't talked to you in a while. From what I'm reading across Europe, others may bail on the EU first. The Brussels Cartel is truly a work of perverse art. I think that its largest player, Frau Merkel, may have her own mental breakdown. She has truly "screwed the pooch". Great Britain is certainly no colony and Brussels no Crown.

For millennia people of the world have fought for the right to be free and for the right of self determination. The people of the UK have been foremost amongst them. So why in hell did we decide that we no longer wanted that and chained ourselves to the EU.

The EU referendum is about only one thing Freedom or servitude and who in their right mind will vote for the latter. Well apparently more than will vote for the former which only tells us one thing that the bulk of the population are very stupid.Then we already knew that how else could left wing progressive ideology have such an influence over us else wise.

Antis, we didn't vote to join the EU, we voted to join a European free market association, those nice, honest politicians, Heath and Wilson, told us that over and over and they wouldn't lie, would they? Oh no, say, it ain't so!

Anyway, if you were conned then, don't be conned again by that smoothie Old Etonian!

Unfortunately, extricating ourselves from the EU will be very complicated. Who will have to do it? Why, the very people who got us into the mess in the first place! Did Heath go to Eton?

It is becoming popular again to claim that the War Between the States was a "war over slavery." OK, sure, and that would explain why there were so many Abolitionists in the Confederate Army, from my eighteen year old great grandfather up to General Lee himself. Or, just perhaps, the United States were a free trade zone, that had a high tariff on manufactured goods, making them more expensive, especially relative to the mostly agricultural products of the South. Plenty of northern industrial tycoons opposed abolition, because they, too, were making out like bandits. After the War, slavery was, indeed, abolished, and replaced with other non-cash business arrangements. The money still flowed Northward. There is a parallel. The EU might sound noble in its intent, but a great many ordinary people are not prospering in this arrangement. Maybe they should be. On paper it is clear that they should be. And yet, they are not.

Texas has a more robust economic growth than over-regulated California. The people are moving from California and the northeast, to Texas and other Southern states. A major reason for Federal hyper regulation is that the freer states are sapping population and therefore political power from the Socialist states. Breaking up the Union might be a truly horrible idea, but people know that there is an inequality in this relationship, which is why one sees the "Secede" bumper stickers on so many cars in Texas. Would secession help Texas? It's hard to say. Would leaving the EU help Britain? It does seem likely, and for similar reasons. It is dead certain that smaller countries around the world are prospering, just left to themselves. Given the examples of Hong Kong, South Korea, and others, it is altogether reasonable to believe what is on paper, that Britain would also prosper, left to herself. EXCEPT, the hyper regulators who stifle economic growth are not only found in Brussels, or D.C. They are, sadly, on a separate piece of paper.

Hello Whitewall. Been aff the road map lately with health and so on. However the EU enthusiasts and those who benefit are to put it mild shiting themselves. Who would have thought that so many are turning to get out. We are being taken to the cleaners.

We actually send child benefit to foreign countries because the so called parents happened to work in Britain. Britain never actually agreed to this but the EU clever lawyers fought for it under EU human rights.

Our borders are constantly under threat because the idiot Merkel let tens of thousands into Germany and the laugh is that the Germans are now chasing around looking for muslim fundamentalists. You could not make this up but it is true.
I hope you are well and keep your sense of humour. I hope Trump does it as it will upset a lot of lefty idiots over here.

Perhaps - possibly - Texas might make it but I would expect it to be one hell of a fight and I'm not sure I would wish that on my American friends.

Jimmy, I hope all is well with you now.

Jimmy, I hope you are on the mend and nothing was too serious. I am still thinking the flow of Muslims into Europe might decide the EUs fate as much as anything. We in the States are used to being fleeced and it brings resentment...but no end. What Germany has done to Europe-again-is unforgivable. Here's to upset lefties. The more the better.

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