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Tuesday, 02 February 2016


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Hollande's France, Maduro's Venezuela there are so many more to pick from to compare with a Sanders USA. What about Clinton or Trump as president just as bad only in different ways. Any of one of those three will continue the harm being done to that once great country the US of A. Especially after the mauling Obama has given country after two terms of his ignominious and devastating presidency. On foreign policy alone he has managed to alienate USA's friends and given advantage to USA's enemies. Domestically he has managed to worsen race relations, increased crime and put it's economy into a bigger mess than it already was.

What Antisthenes said.

I agree as well. I am flabbergasted that I know too many people who think that he is the bees knees.

Regarding Hillary and her escaping with a draw with Sanders...Winston Churchill famously said that “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.”

Well, people, at least there is a modicum of hopeful news from Iowa at least.

More to your liking perhaps there, David?

Even so, JK, I still fear for his power to produce mischief.


It will Be long campaign.

Totals To date


Hillary Clinton 385 / 4763

Bernie Sanders 29


Ted Cruz 8 / 2472

Marco Rubio 7

Donald Trump 7

Ben Carson 3

"How long, oh Lord, how long?"

What does it matter? None of the contenders care tuppence about the UK. It just reinforces my view that we should get out from under and disentangle ourselves from the USA.

I am sorry David, but I rather like Mr. Trump.

I know he thinks with his arse and speaks without engaging his brain, but at least he shares some of the concerns of ordinary people, isn't beholden to any commercial interests (since he's using his own money) and, most important of all, he is NOT a member of the professional political class.

And, like Il Cavaliere (whom I also supported, until the EU mounted their coup), he would add enormously to the gaiety of nations.

Politics basically sucks, so let's at least have a laugh; we're not going to get many with that old Clinton besom.

Just now David finished reading "a pert right near i'tall" but as I linked to it off'n another's blog I expect to do rightly by him I best give credit where credit is due:

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