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Monday, 01 February 2016


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"But of course, you are right, I am an exceedingly grumpy old man and as I get older I get grumpier!"

Possibly so, but your take on celebrity corpses owes more to good sense than senescence. Our lives grow shoter by the day, but everyone's life is too short to pay attention to showbiz gossip.

Very true, 'W', but can you imagine the furore when I, a theatrical star of gigantic proportions, finally 'shuffle off this mortal coil'? Oh, you can't . . .

I haven't mourned a celebrity death in decades. I have never met any of them (when those I have met pass on, I will say how sad) and I cannot think of a single one that has profoundly changed my life. I have enjoyed their music, films, whatever, but I did not walk with them in life.
You, dear duffers, I will wear sackcloth and ashes, and mourn for a year.

WHAT?! Only a year? (Actually, dear Miss Red, I suspect you will look rather, er, hot in sackcloth and ashes.)

Here ya go David.

Thank you, JK, but when I heard it this morning I already knew that Cruz had won in Iowa so it was impossible to be lachrymose!

Thank you Mr. Duff for putting in blogs so much common sense.
At least, as I see it.
You express a lot of sense, but with a touch of humour.
It is good thing of the interweb how one finds such an agreeable site because of the recommendations of other excellent bloggers.
You too Missred - always a pleasure.

Thanks, Doonhamer, I may promote you to be my PR agent, er, but keep your hands of dear Miss Red, she's mine, I tell you, all mine!

I used to listen to Terry every morning. I think he was on for two hours. He was genuinely witty and the source and inspiration of wit in many of his listeners. Sorry you missed out on that experience.

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