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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


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Congrats David! Now work on the stuttering problem and you will have it.

Wha-wha-wha-what do you mean, Wh-Wh-Wh-iters?

Is that the Duff ancestral home on the SW corner?

Sorry - SE corner. G&T kicked in.

Yes indeed, BOE, a highly distinguished corner, mind you!

David, a question about your lineup of all star commenters. SoD I have learned from a while back when he laid out his noble lineage. When I see his name-SoD- I reflexively bow my head a bit in the proper feudal spirit. I see SoD, but posted by 'Loz'. Has SoD been given an extra title, or a stage name or is this yet another contributor. Somewhere I missed something. I feel I should only have to bow my head once, twice would be whiplash. Can you help?

'Cheeky bugger', I think sums him up. 'Loz' is his appalling nickname provided by his contemporaries who cannot cope with a name with more than one syllable.

Sorry, Whiters, I failed to pick up your subtle hint about my stuttering. You really do have to spell it out for me these days!

Are you really a stutterer, David? Or is that a joke I missed out on? I'm a stutterer.

No, no, Dom, it was just Whiters' subtle hint that two of my posts were replicated - by Typepad not me! Sorry for your impediment, it must be very irritating for you at times. Did you ever see that recent movie "The King's Speech" - excellent!

I'm 65, and in some cases stuttering goes away with age. I just stopped caring. King's Speech was excellent. I attend a convention once a year, and the author (who also stutters) gave the opening speech that year. He also attended some of the sessions. Joe Biden stutters, and he gave the speech the following year -- not that I care about Biden. I heard him give the same speech three times, and each time he exaggerates it.

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