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Friday, 12 February 2016


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I'm a great fan of Lewis and its kindred associated series Morse and Endeavor. Midsommer [if it existed] would be the murder capital of the UK.

They beat the hell out of the US shows [sorry Whitewall] where you have to clean the bodies out of the bottom of the tele between episodes.

Remember Z Cars and The Sweeney. Now they were great

Interesting. Flarepath is playing at Buxton until Saturday and only this morning we were wondering whether to nip up and see it. In spite of the good reviews we decided it probably isn't to our taste.

David, I have a possible solution for you. Since you and your date only stay for half the show, arrange for half price tickets. You get what you stay for and can then use the balance of funds to buy something for the Memsahib.

AussieD...unfortunately you are right.

It's a terrific play, Uncle, but the actors and the director need to understand the times in which it was written - it was a different England then. It's definitely worth a visit and if the company are unconvincing, well, you can always leave at the interval and take the missus out to dinner.

Some people criticise it today for its streak of sentimentality but, dammit, we were in the middle of a war when it was written and London audiences needed - and deserved - a happy ending. Mind you, with Rattigan's usual subtlety, when you think about it the 'happy' ending might not be quite so happy!

Worth a try!

Good thinking, Whiters, I may have to employ you as my financial advisor!

NCIS was good in its day, somewhat past, but it was good, when Ziva was still there. I like Midsomer, too, and have been binge watching it for about a week, now. I have heard that Midsomer fades in future seasons. It's not always nice to be able to see the future.

Michael - in Italy we get NCIS with Ziva and you are correct it is excellent. And the Sweeney is/was the greatest ever.

Aussie D - I see that ABC 1 is running The Bill in the afternoons. I haven't actually been watching it but I see Reg is there and the nice blonde lady policeperson.

I must sit down and watch an episode one day to see if I still like it.

Ira Levin was very good writer and I'll bet it wasn't easy to ruin it so comletely.

Sorry you had such a lousy time - up until the gardening part, of course.

Duffers, a question for you: could it possibly be the luvvie in you that prevents you from enjoying these masterpieces? Bit like a back seat driver, if I may be so bold.

AussieD. I always have liked the tune from Z Cars.


This doesn't mean you are going to stop reporting on those Theaters' of the Absurd also known as British, European, and American politics.

Try Utube it has many of the classic movies and TV programs for free.

I see that Glenda Jackson is going to play King Lear.

I used to enjoy 'Z Cars' back in the day and it was handy having 'Scousers' in the barracks to help with the translation!

No, Timbo, I always have the same approach to theatre, I just sit back, 'thumb up bum and mind in neutral' so to speak, and just say 'do it to me, people!' It's only afterwards that I try to analyse the rights and wrongs.

Don't worry, Hank, I will continue to 'Bore for Britain' on our mutual political scenes - best theatre in town!

BOE, it will be fun watching her staggering on with the dead Cordelia - hope she's even more light-weight than usual!

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