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Saturday, 06 February 2016


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No doubt he will pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat or use some other skulduggery and win the day. This stage play entitled the "The great renegotiation" is a farce worthy of the Whitehall theatre and Brian Rix with a bit of Punch and Judy thrown in. It seems these days all the politicians in the world are only fit for one purpose and that is play acting reading out scripted lies.

The whole world is a stage and we are just actors playing upon it some wisecrack said. Well all the world leaders seem to have taken all the pantomime parts for themselves.

Consider this. Even if We, the People vote for Brexit next June, Cameron and his ilk will still be in charge of negotiating the actual terms of our divorce from the EU. Cameron et al will still be in a position to betray us.

The greatest threats a free people face are their own political class. No exceptions.

Well said whiters - that is exactly the point.

I am gloomy about our prospects of winning an 'LEAVE' vote but were we to do so then Dave and his creeps will be finished which is why Theresa May and Boris Johnson need to think very, very carefully.

Personally I hope that either Sajid Javid and/or Michael Gove rediscover their 'cojons' and follow their beliefs rather than their careers.

If the referendum is a vote to leave (dim)Dave will resign and wee Georgie will claim not to be bound by it and renegotiate all again. Thus a never ending gravy train for the political class until the first one is found hanging under Blackfriars bridge. Banker first then political w??ker.

Well, UKIP wasn't a "non-existent" threat was it? Which is why he promised a referendum, which is why people like you said we should vote Tory. Now we are getting a referendum which he may very well win - at which point the argument will be over. Why on earth anyone should be surprised that the political-media class will fiddle the result, I can't think.

You do have a history of beheading a King. Why not a PM?

Because the buggers are too slippery to hold down!

I never thought that it would be possible for a British politician to abandon the principles of democracy, but this is what is happening now. Not only is Cameron content for this country to be governed by unelected Eurocrats who have no mandate from the people of Britain to do so, he is now telling his MPs to ignore the views of their constituents. I am now seriously beginning to wonder where this guy is coming from.

What also amazes me is how many of the British people tamely seem to go along with the situation. If we arrive at a situation where the main legislative body cannot be voted out by the people via general election, then we are entering truly dangerous and uncharted waters.

What we will actually be voting on in the forthcoming referendum is nothing less than whether we remain a democracy or not. This is an infinitely more important issue than the usual squabbles between left and right.

My choice is for democracy to be retained.

Richard, over there or over here, the question is the same. I saw this quote on Malcolm Pollack's blog a couple of weeks ago...“Left and right are obsolete terms. All politics in the West are now State v. Nation.” Maybe so? Whither Democracy?

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