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Wednesday, 10 February 2016


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Very worrying, especially if it is a symptom of a deeper malaise, which is certainly what it feels like from my side of the Atlantic.

Pretty good post there David. ... Well, maybe except for one slight little thing, perhaps not so important as I'm not so concerned you learn the northern states locations as I am your learning the southern.

The Maine Republican Party will hold its presidential caucuses on March 5 at various locations around the state.

Suggestion David, Wiki up "The Granite State."

Belay the suggestion David. I did it myself. You'll appreciate this link.

What has happened is the American electorate is fed up with their political classes. Ideally a large meteorite would land on Washington DC and kill the lot of them. We had our chance last May. Otherwise Prime Minister Farage would be negotating on our behalf having invoked art 50 of the Lisbon treaty.

Petunia in Madera where the sun is shining and I am off fot an alcoholic lunch!

Er, checking the spelling in your hasty comment, BOE, I suspect you might have indulged in a few aperitifs before lunch!

The state motto of New Hampshire is "Live free or die". Over the last 20 years, escapees from Massachusetts have taken up residence in NH and brought their DNA. Now the motto is simply "live (for) free off others".

I think BOE gets in the spirit of the event quicker than most. You get more bang for your money that way.

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