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Monday, 29 February 2016


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I've always been partial to Cromwell.

My mistake, I thought you said cunnilingus.

Now Andra! Garbled transmission?

I've told you before, Andra, don't speak with your mouth full!

It is those Rs the Aussies have trouble with.....

Whitewall, I have to admit I am a Cromwell man although I do have great admiration for our Queen. Cromwell had to deal with the old monarchy that thought they ruled by divine right and he sorted that out. King James 1 & 6 ruled during the worst witch burning in Scotland and perhaps Britain but he did have our Bible written.

I still await the RC Church apologising for falsely accusing Cromwell of genocide. Historians in Ireland have stated the Vatican wrote the history of Cromwell in Ireland but as we know it takes the Vatican a wee while to admit to anything.

Jimmy, I always knew you to be a man of supreme good sense. By the way, I saw where you and your bride just celebrated your anniversary. Well done!

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