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Saturday, 06 February 2016


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The poor pitiful Russians. Always and forever in a state of self inflicted colonoscopy.

Yes, Whiters, but like flagellants everywhere they seem to like it!

This post David, set me in mind of another I'd read a couple days ago looking for something else to go to someplace else;

And careful there David should you decide to begin reading this site. I fear you might discover you have a twin.

Oh heck David. As you've not had a Adventures in Arkansas post up for awhile:

"Prosecutors in Arkansas County have filed charges against three Georgia men in a case in which, authorities say, one of the men was caught on video beating a live whitetail deer with an accounting textbook as the animal lay injured in the backseat of a car."

Well JK, I assure you that if that event had taken place in North Carolina, the no class scoundrels involved would not have used an accounting book. "War and Peace",hard cover, maybe...we have certain standards here.

Way'll Whitewall, normally Arkansas has standards too. Just that, an' I don't 'spect even a fellow US guy, even if it's Hills-All-The-Way from NC to AR would be mindful of the exactitudes of such as Arkansas County.

"Arkansas County, located in southeast Arkansas, has two county seats—DeWitt and Stuttgart."

(I trust you'll forgive me?) but they needed a "textbook case!"

Well now, that's a good one! I suspected. The closest I ever got to that area was Pine Bluff.

The paradox David, is that despite being a wonderful people, throughout history the Russians have always been led by a series of psychos, despots and gangsters. I have actually put this to some of my Russian friends and have yet to receive a logical explanation.

Over to you Alexey!

David, a lot of Jews did have the sense to leave Mudderer Russia. Putin is no mug he has given the Orthodox Christian mob some power to keep them on board. Stalin did this when Herman attacked.

Whitewall, colonoscopy is something that shows your insides but would be better outside, ooops. There was an old joke that said if you do not mind the pain I do not mind the shite.

Well, Richard, you have arisen the topic one can discuss endlessly. To be brief, I can mention only few things but it is too far to the end of the list. 1) In Orthodox tradition people are taught that ANY power is given by the God. I deem this thing lies behind the national attitude of the fear of any powered [powerful] person, be it a boss, a government, a policemen, high-profiled persons etc. It's a bilateral thing - ordinary people afraid of powers, powers know and EXPECT ordinary people to be afraid of them. 2) Maybe there is a gap in my knowlendge of history but Russaia is the only country who exploited ITS OWN people as a slaves. I am talking about the serfdom now, which is, despite being called differently, has few differencies with slavery. It's absoulutely unbeleivable from any point of view. It was abolished only 150 years ago! 3) A human's life is extremely undervalued in Russia, and on the whole people got used to it. That's beside the point but I want to mention it - the paradox is that at the same time Russians consider themselves as a higly moral persons. However this high-morality doesn't prevent them from injuring or even killing those who accidentally cut them off on a highway (it's not too common, but it happens). These thing above, in my opinion, are examples of any logical explanation of the things.

[Very slightly edited by me to ensure Alexey's meaning is absolutely clear even if his English is approximately 98.7% better than my Russian! DD]

The explanations lie deep in history no doubt - we have (thus far, at least) avoided a period of occupation by people as alien as the Tartars. Our kings on the whole - with the possible and temporary exception of Henry VIII - never aspired successfully to being autocrats, quite unlike the Czars.

My impression is that, absent the Tartars, the Russians might well have developed on much more agreeable lines. Emerging city states such as Novgorod suggest this, but all was snuffed out by the invaders.

I think, Alexey, that the imposition of serfdom was the beginning of the end for any Russian democracy because it removed the idea of *private property* from everyone except the rich. When people *own* things, particularly land, in their own name they can become very determined to hold on to it and to ensure that laws are passed to protect their ownership.

Moreover, David, the serfdom was the thing which retained Russia from all types of develeopment: social, scientific, industrial (and hence, economical) and probably cultural. I don't advocate slavery, but other empires used to conquer and to make slaves from other nations. Russia made them from its own. That explains a lot

It beggars belief that the Romanov's actually ushered in some stability in Russia: up to that point they had the Time of Troubles which saw several "False Dmitry" interlopers and a famine that killed a third of the population! It appears being born Russian in any era is to draw the short straw.

Thanks for that link, Tim, I had never heard of 'the Time of Troubles' - and "Troubles" hardly describes it!

There is much to admire in the Russian character but somehow, in some way, they seem incapable of moving to more democratic and lawful state.

The problem Russia had was its ruling elite did not compromise. They thought it was natural for the poor to starve to death and they played no part in that starvation. Then came the revolution and the elite were put against the wall. The British were pragmatic and built a public service. The rich and landowners are still in place and not threatened.

Jimmy, H, I agree with both your points. However, in my opinion democracy is somewhat abstract, and I can see how it works only partly in Europe. One can easily watch it during making a decision on sections and refugees. Personally I think The dictate of law, the total equality against the law are the basics of any development.

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