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Monday, 29 February 2016


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Huh. I always thought his name was Lenny Cappuccino. Guess you're never too old to learn something new.
Been coming to your site for quite a while now. Nice to get a perspective from 'the other side of the pond' (what a silly saying...).

You are very welcome, Marty, and feel free to chip in any old time.

I haven't watched an Oscars since the mid 1970 I think. Seems Johnny Carson might have been the host. Different world back then.

Now I actually think about it, I don't think I have *ever* watched an Oscars show. Of course, I see the odd clip on the news but that's about it - in fact, that's more than enough - except when some bimbo trips over her 6" heels, can't get enough of that!

I don't know who any of these people are so why watch their silly luvvie fest?


From Wikipedia

However, he dropped out of high school following his third year, eventually earning his general equivalency diploma

Usually the armed forces will not accept a GED in lieu of a high school diploma. He is not qualified to be a lance Corporal equivalent. What do you expect?

Guido Fawkes is a smart blogger, so maybe I'm missing something. He seems to be assuming that all 438 members of the crew are EACH taking a private flight. Wouldn't they all fly in as few planes as possible?

Dom - you're missing the fact that the flights refer to economy class tickets.

Apart from that minor detail... !

Leonardo De What Ever his name is is a dipstick. Pity the wanker didn't fall off the bow of the Titanic in making that silly movie.

Sorry Duffers but actors opinions are generally irrelevant as they are no more than people saying things made up by others to allegedly entertain. Sum total of benefit of their opinions? Zilch, zero, nada, sfa.

An excellent summary, AussieD, and by the way thanks for your 'funnies' - I can hardly wait for next Monday morning!

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