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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


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From that promising start, to the mighty star of the blogosphere that you are now!

Such huge numbers of intellectual heavyweights are now "pissing in" that I hope you have a mop and bucket permanently to hand.

Here's to the next 11 years, with sincere thanks.

Ah, as usual you touch upon the point, 'W', it is my faithful collection of commenters who make this blog what it is!

(How about that for shifting the blame!)

Well done Duffers. As a late comer to the blog I regret not finding it earlier.

Thanks, AussieD, er, the cheque's in the post!

I agree with AussieD. Glad to be here now though. Happy birthday D&N!

Thank you, Whiters, and your comments are frequently drier than my martinis which is quite something!

Congratulations on your 11th.

Thanks, 'Uppers', it takes real grit and determination to Bore for Britain that long!

Happy birthday and congratulations on a fine blog. You are right - comments do much to make a blog and encourage the writer.

Thanks, Uncle, and your blog is doing very well, too!

This being such a ... uhm ... well I suppose auspicious will just have to do.

Anyways - along with "thank you David, for the many "opportunities" you've stumbled along providing me - another gem of a comment.

Whitewall? You recognize this? Perhaps more to the point, 'the when of it'?

"It is odd how the passage of time can manage history into a sellable and explainable form for future consumption. A slow motion series of missteps that didn't have to be."

Still think it "sellable & explainable"?


It has been fun though David, now hasn't it?

Ye Olde Chief Archivist

Why JK, yes that remark does sound familiar...quite so. The author no doubt is among the highest within the 'amateur professional' class. Sellable, maybe.

Yes, it has been fun ... all 11 years of it.
Sometimes it seems longer.
Bottoms up and here's to the next decade or so of Duff & Nonsense.

Congrats, David! (As it happens, I'll be passing the same milestone in just two months.)

I'll mark the occasion wi' an auld Scottish toast (RIP to my dear departed mum):

"May those who love us, love us.
And those who don't, May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May He turn their ankles, so we'll know them by their limping."

Malcolm, that made me laugh, only in Scotland.

Thanks, Andra, it wouldn't have been the same without you.

And thanks, Malcolm, but I suppose both of us must wonder how we would have managed to keep our blogs going without the efforts of our "indefatigable" Joint Commenter-in-Chief!

Whitewall, I note the Pope wants Trump to let all Mexicans into the USA. It would solve the drug smuggling as they could just bring it all with them and Texas could claim the whole of Mexico.

Jimmy, the Clown Candidate and the Clown Pope...made for each other. Many of us want a wall between Mexico and the US. People like me want it to keep them out. People like Democrats could use it to keep them in. If the US could annex Mexico, we could develop it and make it worth living in. It is a beautiful place. Mostly. Then the Mexicans would go running back. The Democrats would go running after them begging them to return here and be poor and ignorant.

That's my fantasy anyway.

Whitewall, a fine fantasy but the USA cannot get into a war with Mexico. The refugees leaving the USA for Mexico could be intolerable for Mexico.

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