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Thursday, 25 February 2016


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I don't think it looks like a Trump presidency, it looks more like a Trump candidacy. On the democratic side? Either Hillary or Sanders. I hate to say it, but as bad as those two look, either would be better than Trump. I think it is more correct to say that Hillary is a crook than it is to say that Sanders is a commie.

Trump is not against free trade? Sure sounds like he is.

Let's wait and see if Trump wins some big states..Texas, Florida, Ohio or Michigan. Or the very best state: North Carolina. (Don't tell JK).
Also, Trump is a major league XXer.

Well, Dom, although all opposition to Obama is characterized as raaaaacism, we have been breaking out in hives at his violation of our Constitution, which established us as a bourgeois republic. We liked that, very much. It is what makes us tear up when we sing the Star Spangled Banner. It is the thing that makes us different from the rest of the world. Not our virtue, (snicker) or our prowess at war, or even the cleverness of our engineering, It is our freedom. It is why so many people are trying by any means necessary to get into this country. (Yes, I know, many just come for the prosperity, now, but that prosperity arises from our system of government.)The thing that worries us is that The Donald does not understand that. If he did, we'd be OK at the prospect of a Trump presidency. The idea of another Strong-Man president, after eight years under the thumb of Obama, is really dispiriting.

I think America could, and has, done worse than Trump.

Dom, you are right, it was careless of me to suggest that Trump is likely to be the next president, as you say, it's only the candidacy he appears likely to win - according to the commentariat, that is!

Well, Andra, how nice of you to remind us of the past seven years. We have often joked about preferring Putin for president, because, at least, he loves his own country. How lovely if we had someone who loved OUR country.

David, the Left Wing comentariat desires very much to make another Communist or near-miss the next President. So, they trash-talk, to dispirit us, and make it happen. Ever hear of Lord Haw Haw? Tokyo Rose? I think you get the idea.

Trump could win and a lot of people will be unhappy but some of them will grovel if he does. I hope he wins the USA need a tough bloke at this time in history.

As I see it the USA needs above all else a president who cannot be bought by corporate money and patronage, is honest and forthright, keeps his word, respects the constitution, and believes in the country and the ability and strength of the people. Trump actually fits the bill. There is no requirement whatsoever to pick someone because they are nice or polite about how it's done.
We could do with someone similar in the UK.

When he talks about a fairer trade deal for whom does he mean is it for the domestic producer or consumer. For the former that is not a fair deal it is just plain old protectionism. For the latter they do not not need a deal other than to deal with the standards of safety. The consumer wants to be able to buy the best from where ever it is produced free of any restrictions. We forget that free market capitalism and trade is all about satisfying consumer needs not producers.

Despite the left hawking around that only they know how to put into practice socialist ideology capitalism has been doing it for centuries. The left advocates ways that have proven not to work yet capitalists have shown us how it does work. For example redistribution of wealth it happens on a grand scale in the market place money moves from person to person and location to location. It has proven to bring people out of poverty and made us more prosperous. It has funded education, the legal system and so much more bringing about greater social justice and opening up opportunities. It has produced surpluses to do all that.

It funds welfare and such but that is where it becomes unstuck because those who are in charge of those funds have discarded the capitalist means of delivery. They have turned to a different so called progressive means and it is not delivering in the way it would if it had not been.

Those on the left are not advocating socialism we already have it they are advocating the destruction of it by destroying the means to support and propagate it.

+1 for woodsy42.

The first paragraph of what anti wrote hits the nail on the head. Trump is not a capitalist, or a libertarian, or even a conservative. His foreign policy would be a disaster, and his domestic economic policy would be a matter of favoritism and protectionism. All policies designed to lower a country's prosperity.

Your first impression of Trump was correct, David. Americans should dump him.

Just gonna toss this little nugget in for consideration. *I think* the percentages of eligibles voting across the south at least (and according to my Kansas "acquaintances" the tuned-ins) are likely somewhat higher - not too much though.

Whitewall, how does NC look?

I reckon David, Typepad (fuckin' Idiot Typepad) put my comment into Spam. Have a looksee please?

I said Trump would win from the beginning and I will stick by that. The free world needs a tough guy at this moment in history.

JK, registered Dems have always outnumbered Republicans here. But in the last 3 decades many of these Dems, though registered as such, have not marked a ballot for a Dem. Our population is growing fast..right at 10 million I think. Party breakdowns now run nearly a third Dem, a third Rep and nearly as much now registered Independent. Personally I wish about half of the population would move somewhere else. About 22% of our population is black, a growing Hispanic number, and a sizable number of butt ignorant whites--largely college students who are becoming educated beyond their intelligence.

Jimmy, we do not need "a tough guy", we need an intelligent guy. I'm not sure of Donald's IQ!

His IQ is better than Salmond!

Well, Jimmy, they're both dead crafty but I'm not sure that amounts to intelligence!

David, I think monsieur Trump could well be the next Commander in Chief and receiving intelligence. Mr Salmond has milked the cow but will never be trusted with our defense.

Eh ... Whitewall? Mebbe David?

JK that's interesting and easily understandable if a person lives in a dark blue state on that map. I have said here and elsewhere that white Democrats have and will always find a way to keep control of black people no matter what. Democrats have been doing that for 200 years in one form or another. Thus around 92% of the black vote goes only to Democrats. The other 8% are capable of thinking for themselves, and are therefore a threat. If that 8% becomes say 15% then Democrats have real problems as they have alienated much of the white working class.

Well Whitewall ... as sometimes happens when you've "extrapolated" ... (an' me off on another tangent looking in somewheres else - in this case 'Black Blogdom's "General Opinion" of Chris Rock's skewering Everybody' [no wonder the guy quit playing colleges] ... in his words, "Nobody on campus can take a joke anymore without getting offended" ... then - taking a single data point off a study, to supposedly "prove a point" ... *the author reckoning* My Readership ain't gonna bother with reading the Whole Thing.

[The *author* apparently not figuring 'ol JK may be lurking]

A Pew study from 2007 (Pre-Obama):

"Thus around 92% of the black vote goes only to Democrats. The other 8% are capable of thinking for themselves, and are therefore a threat."

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