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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


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Duffers - eleven years eh? very good going.

Hark? Is that a mid-day cannon boom I hear in the blue yonder? Howbeit that the sun is as over the yard arm as it ever gets at this time of year, and so

* rises unsteadily to feet*

thank you thank you

*clears throat*

awfully kind of you...Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, on behalf of your half dozen faithful readers I propose a toast to our genial host and god bless her and all who sail in her... (cont. p94)

Hopefully, a spell of prison will give this young man experience of what he wishes for Judge Lunt. Lock him up with a very large sexually frustrated bank-robber, and we'll see who sucks what, shall we?

Many happy returns for tomorrow. Quite surprising, really: the opininons of this blog are quite often above the level of the average 11 year old.

It really is true that you can't fix stoopid!

But only just, 'W'!

'W' is correct. Though I see occasional threats where the 12 year old mark may have been breached.

Happy birthday, Mr. Duff. I think I've been reading you for at least 5 years.

Having released them for a real crime, isn't it odd that she would resentence them for a Facebook remark? Is it against the law to tell a judge to suck it?

I must make clear, Dom, that this blog accepts no responsibility for any psychosis caused by longterm reading!

Well happy birthday/anniversary. Standing *to our genial host and all who sail in her*
Another item of perplexity (along with selling your soul to the EU) is the incredibly lenient punishments your courts dish out.

11 years? Shoulda done the armed robbery - you'd be out by now . . . as long as you didn't diss the beak on farcebox.

Thank you, Dear Miss Red, and there is much that I do not understand about my country these days.

Erm ... oh heck David. Back in the day there was a friend a'mine (later ... your's. Ah those were the days weren't those David - when youse was Oirish?


Anyways - Alack 'n Alas - I dipped into your archives for som'eres else I was a needing and I recalled you espousing onit.

Ordinarily I'd sent you a email but - time ain't what it onct was.

Thanks, JK, for the trip down memory lane.

The two David's Osler and Duff. The best two reads. Whatever happened to Osler! Another happy birthday to you.

Thank you, Jimmy, and your pint awaits! And I miss Dave Osler as well. And didn't his missus also run a Leftie blog?

David, I did not know his mrs run a blog. I think he writes speeches for Labour. Pity they cannot read.

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