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Saturday, 27 February 2016


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Israel is the only bright light in the swamp that is the Middle East. Aside from Israel the World would be a better and safer place if the ME and its inhabitants ceased to be.

It is a 1400 year old supurating ulcer.

"So I give up!"

No need for the confusion David, it's actually easy-peasy. *Our* good Pentagon spokesperson Col. Steve Warren explains it: “Look, guys, this all makes perfect sense.”

And being the 'always helpful JK' David, here's another primer - little dated but, I figure with your "vast store of knowledge" you can figure out on your own where the Kurdish HDP and the Kurdish YPG came from and where they both fit in now.

Looking at the pictures of Aleppo, I wonder if anyone knows any good investments in Middle Eastern cement makers?

I dunno BOE, but I note the Kurds have "a consortium" based in Brussels - might send 'em an enquiry - there certainly appears to be sufficient raw materials.

Just have a 'look-back' comparing Autocracy to the resulting Democracy.

(Do be certain to scroll all the way "to the bottom of the barrel.")

Thank you, JK, informative as ever but honestly it's all too, too depressing!

I share Aussie D's thoughts.

Regrettably the ceasefire in Syria appears to be holding.

Expect the bombs to start going off in Western cities fairly soon now the Hairies of both persuasions have stopped beating each other.


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