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Monday, 08 February 2016


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Old Mike 'you can't have that' Bloomberg. A haughty statist from the Upper East Side you know. A breed of elitist so convinced that the rest of America wants to hear what he thinks....none like him have reached the White House in my lifetime.

Seriously though, this campaign cycle at the moment is about one thing only--is Hillary above the law? Yes or no. If she is, she is above all law and her oath of office, should she win, is meaningless. That will mean we the people are under any and all law she dictates. No doubt you have heard gun sales are soaring here in the Land of the Free. Hillary wins, you ain't seen nothing yet. If she is unbound, so will we the people be.

Yes, 'Bloomers' was a real old nag when he ran 'Noo Yawk', no sugar, no salt, no guns, yadda yadda!

However, Whiters, if your choice turns out to be between Hillary and 'The Trump' what will you do? You can't flee to Canada, they've turned socialist. You may be forced back here to God's Little Acre!

What will I do? If the Acre of my Origins will have me...It should be noted that as a 'yank', I'll be 'abringin' certain revolutionary ideas with me. Based on what I read elsewhere, certain ideas need 'abringin' fast.

'Strewth! I'll start digging in!

We live in interesting times.

God help us!

The campaign ads, if nothing else, should be "entertaining."

JK - I reckon that woman would trounce the Hillary in an arm wrestling contest.

Andra is right but unfortunately that woman isn't around any more.

fwiw I still think Billary will get away with it.

Whether she gets elected is harder to call. Obummer could of course pardon her, but then the scandal would be about him. Would he care by then? Perhaps not...

Interesting times indeed.

"JK - I reckon that woman would trounce the Hillary in an arm wrestling contest."

Agreed Andra - but that's not what I was having in mind. Recall David's frequent (incessant?) to Pols both here and ... everywhere pretty much

Show us your willie!

Well. The Reuters reporters got the lady's name wrong, the spelling I mean, the proper spelling of the lady's name is W I L E Y.

But. The reporters have it W I L L Y.

I was just thinking maybe the mis-spelling mighta been Purposeful.

Figured to run it by the Duffmeister.

OK, JK. Where exactly was your mind wandering?

I, myself, being of (mostly) peaceful mind, would not wrassle this person of the female persuasion (possibly) but I can understand how others might consider it.

In which case it would be imperative that the "show us your willy" rule is brought into play.

Arkansas and Australia have different rules entirely, as we all know.

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