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Sunday, 21 February 2016


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To add to Dave's unpleasant 48 hours imprisoned with the Europols, he's probably suffering a weekend bent over, chained to the radiator, with his trousers round his ankles, while Boris has free rein on his nether regions as the price for his supporting Dave's Remain cause.

Good Lord these people are human filth, and you deliver their leaflets and hold forth about which bunch of these scumbags you want to bend you over, chain you to the radiator, ...


In the photo: the clown and the con. In her shadow is Bill "where's the white chicks" Clinton.

Now there's a bunch that understand "Bait and Bleed": -

"Official spokespeople do not say this publicly – there are things one cannot say when 470,000 people (according to recent accepted figures) are being massacred across the border – but Israel has been quietly wishing success to both sides and would not have been against the bloodletting continuing for a few more years without a clear victor."

The good ol' Israelis, telling it like it is.


Anyone but Hillary.


Weeeeell, yes, Andrew, but at least she's a good, ol'-fashioned Arkie crook 'n' liar like her husband so we sort of know what to expect but when we contemplate 'The Donald' - aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

"Weeeeell, yes, Andrew, but at least she's a good, ol'-fashioned Arkie" ???

Weeeeell, David - I 'bout had to fairly rassle Barney from boarding a flight over to where you are. He uz plannin' to give lessonings to you on bog snorkelling.

"Hillary Diane Rodham was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 26, 1947."

My word SoD, but that's a lurid imagination you've got!! it couldn't be some pervy sort of variant on the oedipus complex??

Or did you fail your plumbing course at night school?

Chicago?! My God, that's even worse! Please, JK, tell Barney no offence intended!

No, no, Cuffers, he's just an excitable little chappie!

Whitewall, you are being pretty tough on 'hard don' Clinton, I never had sex with that wummin! He could have paid for the dry cleaning Bill.

Jimmy, ole Bill is a houn'dawg. I'm sure you have none in Britain?

Whitewall, every man in his imagination is well hung like a dug! Clinton had an advantage to exercise his, who would refuse a President. I read that Kennedy had the wummin lining up outside the White House. It did not affect his bad back.

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